What surface to receive 30 people?

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What space to expect? How many guests per m²? … Many questions are asked when you want to organize a party. Yes yes me too!

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Indeed, you do not always have the necessary space at home and so sometimes you have to look for a room/another place. Even if, in general, the owners know the capacity of their room, it is not always easy to make a choice.

So to help you, I share with you all my data collected over the years. It’s gone!

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In order to be able to calculate the space to be planned, it is necessary to begin by determining: the number of guests and the different spaces provided for the party.

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Guest Area

Aperitif — Cocktail

During this time, guests are most of the time standing and it takes 2 guests per square meter. However, if you want to have the high tables then also add in your space calculation: 1 square meter per high table.


During the meal, the calculation is completely different.

Indeed, professionals usually count 1 square meter per guest but this calculation remains theoretical because it will vary according to your choices for the shapes of the tables, their layout and their decoration. So if you’re like me, we don’t hesitate to try at home!

Dance Evening

Calculation is always made on the total number of guests: 1 square meter for 2 guests . This average also makes it possible to take into account people who do not dance.

Even if you like me to have room to dance, it is better to prefer a smaller dance floor with ambience rather than a large one that seems deserted…

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DJ Space

Whether you or a DJ manage the music, you have to think about the space for the equipment (PA and lights). This space must have easy access throughout the evening.

Do not hesitate to ask your DJ according to your wishes…

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Buffet Area

Whatever your buffet (hot or cold), here are the references I like to take…

The width is 80 cm and will depend on the layout and size of the dishes.

For the length, there is at least 8 cm per guest, or 4 cm for 50 guestsThe depth of service corresponds to the space located behind the buffet it is necessary if a service/staff is provided to serve guests. For this space, it is better to provide . 80 cm in order to be able to move.

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Children’s Area

Of course, we don’t forget about children!

If it is not a children’s party but children are present, plan a space for them: an adjoining room or a space in the room/other place.

Your party will be all the more enjoyable if everyone has fun…

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With all this data, you are now ready to organize and calculate the different spaces of your party.

Of course, other spaces can always be added according to your desires and the party you organize: photobooth, games…

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