What is the difference between marriage and engagement?

Although some people may use “engagement ring and wedding ring ” indifferently; both are not the same. An engagement ring expresses the intention to marry, and a wedding ring is worn only after the knot.

It’s even more awesome to have a story to tell before you have the ring on your finger.

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Jenny Sindi

Traditionally, a woman wears two rings after the wedding. However, today, many people are satisfied with only one, or even none. When deciding to wear one or two rings, you must first read the traditional methods on the subject, and then choose something meaningful for you.

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Engagement rings and wedding rings, what’s the difference

Traditionally, an engagement ring is given when applying for a wedding. It usually has a main central stone, although there may be other stones. The engagement ring tells others that the person is “taken” and waits for the wedding. In recent years, it also shows the social and financial situation of other important women. Nowadays, technically speaking; there is no need for an engagement ring; and fewer and fewer people are worried about the value of coins.

After the ceremony, both parties usually wear alliances. They symbolize the formal bond of marriage and in some cases; even if they are not worn after the day, they are necessary for wedding vows. Today, some men do not wear any rings after their wedding; nor do they choose other jewelry (such as watches) as substitutes.


Do men wear engagement rings?

Although engagement rings are normally worn by the future bride; more and more men today wear rings after a successful proposal. This is quite common in same-sex couples; but also trend because women-led proposals are booming. Therefore, some jewelers create more sophisticated versions of traditional men’s wedding rings for the occasion.


Combine the engagement ring and wedding ring?

In most places, one or both rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. However, in some countries of Northern and Eastern Europe; they are worn on the fourth finger of the right hand. And in others, the engagement ring is worn on the one hand; then passes on the other after the wedding ceremony. It can also be combined with a second ring at this stage.

When walking in the aisle during the wedding ceremony, neither partner wears a ring. It is only after the wishes that the engagement ring is traditionally handed over. Thus, the appropriate order is the wedding ring first; (closer to the hand) and the engagement ring second. If a bride chooses to wear both rings in the future, she may want consider soldering the rings together. Of course, if the two rings do not necessarily fit or go well together; a bride can choose to wear one or the other, or split the two between hands.


Do I need two rings?

Although it is traditionally said that you should wear two rings when you get married; it’s up to you to decide what you want to adapt to. Some women argue that it is important to have two rings; to distinguish themselves as a married person from those who are only engaged. If you choose to stack two rings, make sure that they fit not only in style, but also in shape. If the strips are not well stacked, they will damage over time. If in doubt, ask your jeweler what his choice is when buying a second ring; or it may make sense to weld both sets.

to conclude, can also choose a second alternative alliance. It can be a good idea if the alternative ring is simpler; and therefore more convenient for everyday use, as some like to keep their larger diamonds for special occasions. And if a ring seems more than enough, you do not need a second ring at all. Some women love their engagement ring so much that they can’t think about adding anything to it.

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