Snapchat : What do emojis from the friends list mean ?

For some time, Snapchat has integrated new emojis and smileys alongside the names of friends. This feature is not so new… And for those who remember msn messenger, these types of icons already existed. But well, not everyone necessarily knows what the emoji of the sun or fire corresponds to. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide for Snapchat emoji and smileys. Share this into 3 main categories: emojis, hearts and symbols

Emojis on Snapchat

Smile EMOJ

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Smiling emoji This emoji is used to indicate friendship between you and your contact. This one indicates that you are good friends, you send him a lot of shots. But you’re not his BFF. The best friend on Snapchat is indicated with a heart. It can be yellow, pink or red depending on the days…

Emoji Grimace

Emoji grimace

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You and the person you share this emoji with have the same contact in BFF. But that doesn’t mean that you’re the best friends for…


Emoji Sunglasses

Emoji with sunglasses indicates that your contact and you have best friends in common. You’re in a group of people who send a lot of shots to each other.


The villain emoji

The contact who owns this emoji next to his profile is someone who sends you a lot of messages, and you are his BFF. On the other hand, he is not your best friend, because you don’t send him as many shots as you send him a little. This contact is therefore potentially a boy or girl who wants to attract your attention, for example a crush…


Emoji Baby

No, this person is not a baby. On the other hand, your relationship is just to start and still needs to grow, hence the emoji of a baby.

Hearts on Snapchat

Yellow Heart

The yellow heart emoji The yellow heart is the first step in friendship between two best friends; as soon as it appears next to a profile name, it means that you are his best friend and he is also your best friend. The relationship is reciprocal! If not, it is an emoji that appears next to its name.

When the BFF is scratching, the heart evolves. For other shades: in red, then in pink…


The red heart emoji

The red heart cannot appear if there was no yellow heart before. The red heart is the second step of a BFF on Snapchat. The yellow heart means you are best friends with one of your contacts. After two weeks “idyll”, the yellow heart becomes a red heart.

Pink Hearts

The pink emoji heart

The two pink hearts are the latest evolution (it resembles Pokémon) of the yellow heart. After turning red, the heart can turn into two pink hearts. It means that your friendship with your contact has been extended and you have been BFF for at least two consecutive months! !

Symbols on Snapchat


Flame emoji

The flame next to a Snapchat contact indicates that he and you have an intense relationship in recent days. This is called a “snapstreak”, sending many messages several days in a row. Your relationship is literally on fire as long as you’ve sent messages, “you’re on fire” as Alicia Keys would say. Maybe it’s a sign friendship. (after the baby emoji) or a crush with whom you trade a lot.

Next to the flame there is a small figure. This figure shows the number of days this intense relationship of snaps lasts. At present, the game on Snapchat is to have a maximum of flames next to a maximum of contacts…


The Emoji 100

Emoji 100 indicates that the intense relationship we were talking about just above has lasted for 100 days! ! With your contact, you send yourself a lot of snaps of at least 100 days. So one could say that this emoji is like a success that unlocks to mark the anniversary of your relationship on Snapchat.

If you do not send a snap, the flame disappears (an hourglass appears first) and you will have to start from scratch.

Emoji Hourglass

Hourglass Emoji The hourglass is a form of alert that Snapchat sends to its contacts. When the hourglass appears next to a friend, it means that the particular relationship goes out… that the flame goes out. It’s time you wink her to keep the flame emoji we were talking about right before.

Star Emiojii

Star Emoji on Snapchat

On Snapchat, there is one that allows you to check once the message has been sent. When the star appears, it means that the contact has used this option to view a message you sent, and this within the last 24 hours.

EMO Birthday

** Emoji Birthday Cake

It is not surprising that the cake indicates that this is the anniversary of your contact that day. This emoji can only appear if the birthday date has been made public. This means it does not appear necessarily next to all contacts…

How to change emojis of friends?

Under Snapchat, it is possible to change the emojis of your friends. And to do this, it’s not complicated at all… Just need to:

  • go to the parameters (gear) of the profile
  • go to “Additional Options”
  • tap “Manage Preferences”
  • Press the emoji to change. Then a list of emojis appears and you just have to select the one you want. The old emoji is then replaced by the new emoji.

Snapchat has a lot of emoji with accurate meanings

This is also valid. For iOS as for Android… On the other hand, Snapchat warns that if you have changed your friends’ emojis, they will not be able to add them, restorenorthe