Opening a Parapharmacy: a valuable equipment to be done with caution

Since the Bersani Decree of 2007 liberalized the sale of over-the-counter drugs, it has become full of bonimenters who exalted the advantages of opening up a commercial operation such as parapharmacy. Not that they are false rumors or too enthusiastic, but sometimes they fail to warn about the factors that determine the real success of a point of sale like that of parapharmacy. Undoubtedly it is a business on the rise: it has more than 3,000 outlets on the Italian territory and it has good margins of success especially in large cities.

There is an ever-increasing use of slimming products, or for dermo-cosmetic products, or health and homeopathic items, or supplements (there are supplements for every need), or childcare products and veterinary articles as well. Or the use of medicines, including specific ones to people with specific health problems or with particular intolerances, has allowed the parapharmacy sector to be hit by a real economic boom since these businesses came into the market.

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It is also true that, beyond the bureaucratic procedures to follow and the laws to be followed (such as the guaranteed presence for all the hours of operation of the store at least one qualified and authorised pharmacist, even if he does not deliver medicines directly to customers), there is much more to consider when building up parapharmacy and for the start of the activity.

The costs and financing incurred and, above all, the way the company is managed are indeed the elements that decree the effective success of a parapharmacy.

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How to manage the business of a parapharmacy

For business management there are a number of variations to consider. The longevity in the market and the profitability of a parapharmacy study depends very much on how the point of sale is handled and managed. The layout of spaces (relative to the area of the room), furnishings, communication strategy adopted (which must take into account an analysis of the territory, competition and area of attraction), the well-characterized identity of the store, the availability of a coordinated image and the assessment of the skills of the staff, they are all of the elements that need to be carefully studied.

This study must be included in a business plan that must be calibrated according to the real economic availability (expenditure and investment) of parapharmacy, so that it can meet the challenges imposed by the market, pursuing real and achievable objectives. This is how a space full of Meanings and messages is created, capable not only to live up to customer expectations, but who is also able to offer a satisfying shopping experience.

It is not necessary to believe that it is different, but it is when the consumer is happy that a company becomes successful and becomes able to withstand the many threats that can be thrown to him.

To achieve these results can be very useful to be helped by experts in the sector, such as the Th.Kohl group, a company capable of offering all the necessary services for parapharmacies, from furnishings to design, to munication.