How do you recognize a chatbot?

WhatsApp chatbot instead of Facebook messenger chatbot? At first, chatbots were primarily on Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp chatbot is now on the rise worldwide and especially in Germany. You can find out why this is the case and why a WhatsApp bot makes sense for corporate customer communication in this article.

In the post you will find out:

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  • WhatsApp Chatbots, WhatsApp Bot, Messenger Bot or Just Bot — what is it?
  • What does a WhatsApp chatbot speak?
  • How do you design a WhatsApp bot?
  • Create WhatsApp Bot — what should you look for?
  • WhatsApp chatbot buttons
  • Practical examples for a WhatsApp bot
      • Delicious: chatbot for inspiration
      • BMW Munich: Follow Now Bot for Real-Time Repair Status
      • Women’s Best: First Level Support Chatbot
      • Federal ministry for health: WhatsApp chatbot to Corona
  • The best software solution for customer communication via messenger

WhatsApp Chatbots, WhatsApp Bot, Messenger Bot or Just Bot — what is it?

In our editorial on “Everything you need to know about chatbots! “Let’s first clarify what the terms WhatsApp chatbots, WhatsApp bot, messenger bot or chatbots have in common. In principle, they are names for one and the same thing, namely a bot. Wikipedia defines a bot as follows:

“A chatterbot, chatbot or bot for short is a text-based dialogue system that allows chatting with a technical system. He has an area for text input and output that can be used to communicate with the system behind it in natural language.

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“ What does a WhatsApp chatbot speak?

Most have encountered chatbots in Facebook Messenger so far. Meanwhile but there have been a large number of WhatsApp bots long since. What actually speaks for implementing bots on WhatsApp?

  • User numbers: WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide — in Germany, there are around 60 million per day.
  • Target group: In addition to boys, over two-thirds of those over 65 years old also use a messenger app.
  • Automation: With the help of a WhatsApp chatbot, your company can once again save up to 80% of effort.
  • Efficiency: Your company can answer customer inquiries 60% faster on average via WhatsApp than by phone or email.
  • Popularity: Companies rely on channels such as telephone, e-mail or text message for their customer communication. However, 61% of customers today want to talk to them on WhatsApp etc.
  • Acceptance: Almost 50% of Germans want to communicate with companies via WhatsApp. Online shoppers are over 65% who want service and advice via WhatsApp!
  • Layout: It has often been criticized that WhatsApp bots do not have buttons like the chatbots in Facebook Messenger. Interactive buttons have been introduced for the WhatsApp Business API!
  • Costs: With customer communication via WhatsApp, you can save yourself the costs of expensive call centers and old CRM systems!

How do you design a WhatsApp chatbot?

In principle, a WhatsApp bot is designed like a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Basically, the following applies to conception

  • A chatbot needs to deposit on the company’s goal (s)!
  • WHO should talk about WHAT and WHERE — the mini checklist for a good chatbot!
  • It doesn’t need artificial intelligence for a chatbot, but intelligent, human conception!

Six points should be taken when planning of a chatbot will definitely be considered

  1. What goal should a (marketing) chatbot have
  2. What tonality should my chatbot have?
  3. What should the chatbot talk about?
  4. Do I want to offer a guided or free dialogue?
  5. How do I design a chatbot dialog?
  6. How do I respond to questions my chatbot can’t answer?

Create WhatsApp Bot — what should you look for?

In most cases, companies need simple messenger chatbots. Your WhatsApp chatbot needs to be able to answer frequently asked questions. For more complex or individual questions, he needs to be able to forward them to the right service employee.

❗️ Note: As part of the October 2020 WhatsApp Business API updates, WhatsApp announced that the company is handing over customers to a human through a WhatsApp bot colleagues have to make sure. This is done by handing over to a human agent in chat, by providing a phone number or email, web support or support form. With MessengerPeople’s chatbot builder, you can easily and quickly create an efficient chatbot that ensures this handover to a humane colleague.

When creating a chatbot, it’s important to consider the following aspects in order to ultimately optimize your customer service:

Dialogue automation

Dialogue is at the heart of the chatbot. This establishes the connection between user questions and the corresponding answers from the chatbot. Example: who are you? — I’m the smart bot!

Predefined topics

Topics give the bot context. This allows the bot to give different answers to the same question depending on the topic. Example: topic FAQs vs. topic Products


With the help of variables, your chatbot can query defined data from his interlocutor. This data can then be used further for personalization or targeting. Example: name, age, place of residence, risk-taking…

Data model integration

Data models are tables with additional data. The bot can access these during the dialogue. Example: product catalog, opening hours, quiz questions…


It’s important that you regularly analyze the performance and development of your messenger bot. Use the insights to optimize the bot. Example: What are the most common unanswered questions? What are the questions that the bot answers the most?

💡 Tip: Learn how you can build a chatbot in a short time and without programming knowledge with our chatbot builder. The video shows you how to create a simple but efficient chatbot for your company.

whatsapp Chatbot buttons

Until now, there were only numbers, letters or hashtags on WhatsApp that could lead users in dialogs (dialogs with chatbots). The new WhatsApp Business API buttons are an enhancement of the dialogue between customer and company because the user can decide much faster what he wants to do in the following.

Buttons are used to make it easier for the user to enter the bot response in the chatbot. You can create buttons for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and iMessage.

💡 More details about WhatsApp Business API buttons

Practical examples for a successful WhatsApp chatbot

Delicious: chatbot for inspiration

Delker has created a chatbot that works both on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. As a WhatsApp bot, he answers questions that revolve around dishes. With the corresponding hashtag, you will also receive immediately inspirations. The special thing: There is inspiration via hashtag here.

BMW Munich: Follow Now Bot for Real-Time Repair Status

BMW Munich offers a special workshop service. With the FollowNow WhatsApp Bot, customers can find out about repair status at any time regardless of email or phone. This relieves personal customer service. This gives them more time for more complex customer inquiries. Once the car is ready, you can easily schedule a pickup appointment via WhatsApp bot.

We receive approximately 3,800 requests from customers, of which we answer approximately 3,000 automatically. Callback requests have dropped 60% and the referral rate has risen to 90%!

Albert Rösch, Head of Service Consulting at BMW AG Munich Branch

💡 Tip: Download BMW’s exclusive case study now for free down!

Women’s Best: First Level Support Chatbot

Women’s Best offers advice and customer service on WhatsApp or Apple Business Chat. The bot pre-qualifies customer inquiries via messenger. He queries the language, country, name and email address. He then hands over to a human colleague who processes and resolves the customer request.

The processing time of requests at Women’s Best has fallen by 50% since the introduction of messengers and the customer care team receives 70% fewer emails.

David Kurzmann, CEO & co-founder of Women’s Best

💡 Tip: Download Women’s Best exclusive case study now for free!

Federal Ministry of Health: WhatsApp chatbot to Corona

The Federal Ministry of Health uses WhatsApp for its information policy. With a simple WhatsApp bot, Jens Spahn’s ministry informs about the most important facts and figures all around Corona. The WhatsApp bot can be reached via 49 1516 2875183

The best software solution for customer communication via messenger

You can implement all these practical examples with our software solution. It can be used immediately and browser-based. Your company can also use it in compliance with GDPR. By autorouting, your colleagues in customer service always receive the right requests automatically.

Our chatbot builder helps you and your company to make customer communication more efficient with targeted automation via bot. This applies, for example, when it comes to pre-qualification of a customer and their enquiry. Chat modules also relieve customer advisors in direct customer communication.

You can get a first impression of our product here:

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