What are the benefits of buying a real estate loan in an online banking?

More and more individuals are choosing to obtain their real estate credit from online banks. And for good reason, these structures offer very advantageous conditions to their customers.

Open an account is done in three clicks

With online banks, opening an account has never been easier and there are often no contribution conditions for the subscriber. Just fill out a form, download the supporting documents and you’re done. A simple transfer then allows you to receive a credit card and there is no longer left than to take advantage of the benefits. Zero accounting fees, zero commitment and many online banks even offer a premium when opening a current account. In addition, RIB, bank statements and transaction history are easily accessible 24/7 via 100% secure platforms on mobile, tablet and computer. Online banks offer innovative, connected services like Apple Pay and Paylib that adapt to our way of life. Finally, they remain deeply human and it is possible to contact advisors at any time for information on the services and products offered.

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The approach to a real estate loan is easy and fast

All procedures are carried out online. From your home, your workplace and even in public transport you can perform a simulation of real estate credit and then calculate the interest rate. You are then contacted as soon as possible by an online banking advisor. It takes the time to study your project with you and makes sure to offer you the most advantageous and suitable offer for your project. With online banks, flexibility is at the rendezvous for customers: the repayment is flexible, adapted to your situation and project and the loan can be repaid over a period of 2 to 30 years. In addition, the application fees are very often fixed regardless of the time spent establishing with you what suits you.

Conditions for granting are flexible

It is not always easy for individuals to meet all the conditions necessary to obtain a real estate loan. Online banks offer a varied range of offers that allow everyone to find shoes at their feet. And if the repayment is in advance: no problem, there is no additional fee additional. In addition, online banks offer advantageous rates so that repayment of the real estate loan is not a burden on a daily basis.

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You have time to think

After chatting with you, online banks send you a real estate credit offer by post and give you time to think about it. You have 30 days to make your decision and accept this offer: customer satisfaction is the cement of online banks. And if you ever realize that the offer does not suit you, no problem, advisors will contact you to discuss all this calmly.

Real estate loans are facilitated and savings also

Savings can sometimes seem complicated, but with online banks, everything is done to simplify your life. Young Booklet, Housing Savings Plan or even Housing Savings Account are you accessible in just a few clicks so that your future projects go as you planned. And if you need information, no need to ask your banker friend, you have access to extensive documentation and knowledgeable expertise from experienced advisors to understand the options available to you. It is even possible to be accompanied to make investments on the stock exchange safely.

Online Banks, Banks of Tomorrow

Online banks offer a broader catalog of offers every day to satisfy a maximum number of people. Connected, flexible and practical, they allow everyone to carry out their projects by offering the lowest possible rates. Then why not let yourself be tempted?