What chair for Telework?

Even if we sit at meals, transportation or driving, where we are most often, it’s behind our computer screen in the office or at home. Moreover, telework should not be a decrease in the employee’s rights, including the right to remain healthy while doing his job. This is why the layout of a room that takes into account ergonomics for telework at home and quality armchair equipment is a central point of the transition to telework.

Today we will try to sweep off the accepted ideas and help you choose the best chair to work from home in the best conditions. Of course we have all been entitled to the commercial speech of the sellers of major brands boasting different types of seats. Even if there are the chairs in the saddle, “swooper”, “sit-knees” or even “swiss ball” we will we focus today on a comparison of the more classic wide armchairs.

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Comparison of office chairs: why?

There is no doubt that the sitting position is not at all natural for human beings. Yet many of us spend most of their day in this position. In France the average is around 7:30 hours a day, and for 15% of them it is even more than 10 hours a day. Sedentary activity is a real public health issue because it can lead to a large number of diseases: obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety and cancers. Telework should not exacerbate the risks to your health by improper equipment.

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In addition, it is a problem that will tend towards aggravation over time. Young people spend the most time sitting around 8:19 a.m. a day, while their seniors over the age of 50 are content from 6:53 a.m. It is above 8 hours of sitting a day that the percentages of developing cardiovascular problems increases. With telework, these numbers grow longer, with long hours spent on videoconferencing tools. But in case of poor seating, this is the first hour that can be damaging to the back or lumbar spine.

The cheap ergonomic armchair: Topstar

The Super quality/price ratios Very comfortable ultra adjustable

The — Medium quality armrests Not suitable for all templates

See the price of the chair The topstar armchair is an armchair that we found pretty pretty at first glance, despite its slightly chrome branches, it is the one that closest to what we imagine as a classic office chair.

Its seat is a 48×48 cm square that will suit At most templates, it is adjustable to only 8 cm (43 to 51 cm from the ground) thanks to a fairly conventional spring technology, lockable at will. It is a so-called “disc” seat that offers the maximum support of the pelvic region. However, the load capacity is only 110 kg, and the manufacturer specifies that it is made for people measuring less than a 92 meter.

For the curved backrest with a height of 60 cm, it is indeed smaller than the average. With these dimensions, it is obvious that a head restraint to a cushion are not on the agenda. With its rack mechanism, it is also adjustable in height. The tipping adjustment is done thanks to gas cylinders, there is an inclination of about 50°, it is also possible to adjust the seat tension according to your weight. The support of the lumbar is integrated into the design, however, pay attention to those with a back enough wide, because the backrest narrows at the top and can therefore be annoying.

The armrests are 2D (adjustable in height) it is perhaps the most fragile part of the chair, a little disappointing. The fabric used helps prevent sweating. My friend had bought it to go to telework and is delighted with it.

This is a very good value for money, but may not fit all templates

The Best Recliner Office Chair: Iney

The The new anti-perspirant mesh Comfort very high quality materials

The — Incorrectly positioned headrest backrest not adjustable enough

See the price of the chair The Inty armchair is a fairly special product, because it has different dimensions from its competitors, it will fit all templates and can withstand up to 150 Kilos.

Indeed on The seat is 49 cm wide and 47 deep, you will have the buttock stuck on a foam with high density 6 cm thick. You can also choose the level of this one: between 47 and 51 cm from the floor.

The backrest of the Intey is quite nice, it covers extensively the entire back with its height of 73 cm and its breathable mesh. This texture that is a novelty of the brand is a real innovation, it is very airy and comfortable. Whether one is not mistaken, it is an armchair made for work, with its inclination between 90 and 115° there is no question of tipping completely to grant ourselves rest. However, you can fully adapt it to your back, thanks to the fully adjustable Y lumbar support. If the 8 cm variable headrest is added to this, we have a total support of the cervical shoulders and lumbar spine. In total, the seat can therefore peak at a total height of 125 cm and rotate completely. on himself.

On the accessory side, the armrests can vary by 7 cm, but do not expect more, they are 2D (only height adjustable). For castors it is nylon and non-slip pads, they are very pleasant, but they wear out faster than average.

On the assembly side, no particular problem if you are a little handyman, in any case take the time to assemble each element in the direction it is responsible. You will see from the unpacking that we are dealing with a quality chair, with sturdy and well-machined materials.

Leather Office Chair: Songmics

The Exceptional Comfort Value for money Deep seat

Les — Low end materialsAbsence of headrest Not ergonomic

See the price of the chair I must say it right away, the Songmics is the model that has packed me the least at first glance, especially because I feared the lack of possible personalization. By the way, can we really talk about ergonomic armchair? As with most competitors, it can withstand a weight of 150 kg.

With its seat 50 cm deep, the armchair offers a wide customization of height: 10 cm variation, between 47 and 57 cm. All the templates will be able to find a pleasant position on this ergonomic chair.

The backrest of the Songmics is 76 cm, it may seem large, but this measure includes what acts as a headrest, which is completely absent from the chair. The total height of the seat peaks 124 cm. At the highest. Thus, all those who approach and exceed 80 meters will be doomed to never rest their heads. In the same sense, lumbar support is to absent subscribers, it will have to buy an additional one if this is an important option for you. Mechanical side, it is possible to lock the position up to 20° back and hold it at will.

As regards accessories, it is therefore noted the absence of a headrest and the fact that the armrests are fixed. At the same time, the casters are made of a very floor friendly material and slide easily.

We see it at first glance, what makes the difference on this armchair is its double upholstery that will wrap you completely. We are on an exceptional level of comfort, and above all, the material does not sag with the hours, so you can enjoy this special seat for a long time. The faux leather upholstery gives it a very professional look.

The Songmics is the cheapest model in our selection!

Design office chair: Aeron by Herman Miller

The Exceptional Ergonomics Comfort high standingEnvironmentally friendly material environment Made to last

The — No Headrest Price (more than 1000eur)

See the price of the chair It is the classic of the top-of-the-range office chair, sold more than 7 million copies worldwide, the brand is renowned for its very fine knowledge of skeletons and ergonomics. With its special shape that has been displayed for more than 20 years behind the offices, one could not avoid talking about this very expensive star, always ranked among the best in the world.

The special feature of this chair is that it offers several sizes, all designed to perfectly meet the needs of end users, from 1 min 47 seconds to 2 m. Sorry for the very tall, but ergonomics will be less effective. Thus the size of the seat and backrest will vary widely.

This seat is special because it does not have a headrest or support lumbar. And for good reason, the design of the seat itself is made to support the lumbar and all the rest of the back. With Hermann Miller’s POSTUREFIT SL™ technology, the backrest improves the user’s posture naturally. In particular, it will allow the spine to regain its natural S posture, it supports the sacrum region and rocks the pelvis. We’re sitting, but the body is standing. More broadly the angle of the backrest was also thought to lighten the posture. With its synchronous and progressive rocking mechanism, it’s the whole chair that gets in motion when you flip (30° possible), providing the best performance.

Another technology is embedded in this chair straight out of the future is the material from which is made the seat and backrest. We can’t really talk about coating, because it is a so-called “suspension” material that fully retains the body by distributing all pressure points. At the same time, it provides unparalleled ventilation, and allows the user to maintain a pleasant and homogeneous temperature.

Not to be overlooked: the seat is guaranteed 12 years and GREENGUARD Gold certification, thanks to its 40% recycled materials and 91% recyclable. Finally, the seats are delivered already assembled and ready for use.

Best Gamer Office Chair: Secret Lab Titan

The Exceptional Comfort Quality of finishsNumerous accessories

The — No headrest for 1.90 m English Assembly InstructionDesign gamer (not professional)

See the price of the chair It can be said right away, the secret Lab Titan is often considered the best gamer headquarters in the world. And this is the whole subject, we are on a product with a fairly cleavant design, because intended for use in the video game sector (gaming).

On the characteristic side, the square seat is unmatched with 54 cm deep and 54 cm wide, and the level is adjustable from 50 to 59 cm from the floor, pay attention for people under one metre 75. All templates will still feel comfortable, despite a maximum weight of only 130 kg.

The backrest with its 86 cm high and 58 cm wide perfectly encompasses the back. Up to 1.90 m, it can also be used as a headrest (which will not be the case for larger ones). What in itself is not a big problem given the overall comfort brought by the settings, it is possible to block the backrest between 85° and 165°, the largest angle we have encountered. With a tool of this caliber, the lumbar support is obviously included.

Yet the structure of the gaming chair is not what is most impressive on this model. Between the coating of your choice: PU, leather (NAPA) and fabric, all three of them of high quality, we can only appreciate the finish of the armchair that falls into the category of the very high end. From embroidery to stitching, we looked at everything without finding any flaws. These coatings also hide a high density cold foam, home specialty, which stays pleasant for hours.

For accessories, this is the great luxury: memory head cushion, padded and adjustable 4D armrests. Small plus, the armchair is guaranteed 5 years!

What is the best ergonomic chair model?

We should designate you a big winner here, but it is obviously very difficult. So I’m going to share with you the chair I’m working on after all these tests: it’s the Secret Titan Lab . Already, because I like the gamer style, but not too cleavant. Then I had a little budget because now i spend all my working days on this chair and my employer has taken over that expense. Then it has many features and details that it is the only one to offer, a finish that has no equal. You will have understood it is also a rather subjective opinion! It’s been several months since I’ve been working on it, and I really have nothing to complain, it didn’t move an inch!

Best at over 500eur

Hermann Miller

This armchair allows you to adopt an ergonomic position with unparalleled comfort

Best value for money


This office chair looks a little light in front of its competitors but it Offers Impressive Quality

Cheap office chair: the best choice.

We are aware that the chairs that are offered above can sometimes be a little expensive if it’s a personal purchase and you don’t want to make it an investment.

Rest assured, we have also selected entry-level office chairs that have great ergonomic qualities and will allow you to work comfortably from home without damaging your health. For example, this is the case of the Femor chair, which has everything from the ideal office chair. If you are looking for an armchair to play, you should refer to our top cheap gamer chairs.

The seat is equipped with a sponge cushion capable of accepting 43 kg/m3. It is not as deep as an armchair, but largely enough to keep comfort and balance. Like the others it is adjustable in height by 8 cm.

The backrest has been designed to fit the shape of your spine. It is only 39.5 cm, but is raised and keeps your back perfectly. This one can tilt and hang at more than 60°! Finally, it is a good quality breathable mesh that will hold your back.

Great luxury, for this range you will also have a headrest of the same material as the backrest, and it is also adjustable in height. The casters are not superb however, they roll badly enough, but are silent. The presence of armrests even made of non-adjustable plastic is largely beneficial.

Finally, we can say that this chair is pretty and it gives an impression of resistance. We haven’t tried it enough in time yet, but the set gives a really surprising high level impression.

Under 100 euros, you simply will not find an equivalent by far.

See the Femor chair

Buying Guide: The Ergonomic Office Chair

The different types of office chair

There are three types of office chairs:

  • the standard chair (use less than 4 h/day) which is much cheaper, but does not offer adjustments
  • the permanent contact office seat (use less than 6 h/day) which has a mechanism allowing the back to be in constant contact with the seat, so it is possible to switch back and adjust the force of Reminder
  • the ergonomic office chair is the one that interests us the most, it is suitable for long days behind the 27 inch pc screen or 4k pc screen, as it is totally customizable, from the seat to the back to the armrests. Some of these armchairs are on board even the latest generation technologies massaging or anti-perspirant.

How to choose your office chair

When choosing your type of office chair, you must keep in mind the 3 major topics that will make the difference in the comparison and orient you towards the type of chair that suits you. Even if you can further refine with your preferences, it is worth stopping first on those points that are a little more global.


Not everyone has the same ratio of comfort, for example, a too comfortable and fluffy armchair is not optimal for me, because I tend to be more relaxed and sometimes work less well. At the same time, it often invites me to take a bad position a little too long. So there is a balance between total relaxation and stiffness, which will help you stay productive without encroaching on your health.


Ergonomics is the optimization of the position in order to do a job, it is a scientific discipline in its own right! Thus it is necessary to understand that it is the tools that must adapt to man and not the opposite, that is why you are invited to look at your habits above all. So the search for ergonomics is very personal, and sometimes it takes a little time to find its rare pearl (we assure you that the chair of your dreams is surely in these lines). Plus it’s a set, for example with your sitting and standing gaming desk


Finally, your morphology belongs to you and will be decisive in the choice of your chair. She will determine the dimensions of the chair, whether in height or width, it must wrap you perfectly. The image is a little barbaric, but imagine that this one is the direct extension of your body.

Your use of the office chair

The first thing to do when considering changing your office seat is to ask yourself about its use. This will allow you to better target your needs and thus adapt your selection criteria

What activity? .

It is good to quickly take a little step back on your activity, does it require multiple screens and therefore rotate often? In addition, working behind a dual-screen desk or an architect’s table is not the same. Finally, if you have a pc screen mount, it also changes your position. Maybe you even get used to getting up and sitting often? More generally have differentiated between completely static and semi-static activities.

What frequency of use?

As we already mentioned just above, the time you will spend sitting behind your pc screen will be decisive in the selection. If you sit only an hour or two a day, you can give preference to design and even let yourself go to some eccentricities, the lack of comfort will not be really problematic. On the other hand, if as in average, you spend days of 7 or 8 hours sitting, it will be essential to feel comfortable and we will prefer efficiency and correspondence with your habits and positioning.

Settings and Mechanisms

And of course, among these armchairs there are all ranges, but also all the mechanisms. Three main ones can be distinguished, which will help you understand the mechanics at work behind ergonomics and the seat.

Office chair with tilting mechanism offset, allows to tilt back in a “rest” position, while keeping a good fixed position during moments of concentration.

The office chair with tilting mechanism centered, allows you to adjust the backrest without touching the seat, so it offers great stability on the lower part of the body while being very comfortable (this is my favorite!)

The chair with synchronous mechanism is the top of the top, the chair follows all the movements of the body to stick perfectly to your movements.

The most important thing in choosing the mechanism is that it fits you and you do not have to think about your placement, thanks to the system of your preference, you must naturally take an ideal sitting position.

Components of the ergonomic chair

Then, when you have an idea of the type of chair you want to buy, it is worth going into detail and make a comparison of all parts of it. By discriminating on details, you will be able to get closer to your needs. To do this, here is a list of the specific parts of the chair. There are some invariants, from which one can not deviate, but each part of the chair must be able to offer you a customization of the settings.


All quality seats have a common point, they are oriented downwards, this promotes blood circulation. Indeed, a right seat would exert pressure under the legs that could block blood and lead to numbness. The inclination also allows a good alignment of the vertebrae that find themselves straighter. In any case, the seat is often accompanied by shock absorbers that allow to fit the shape of your buttock. There are other types of seating thanks to the knee seated seats or even sitting desks.


Then the ergonomic chairs have the bottom of the backrest slightly dug, it is to be able to completely wrap your back and hold it in place. Because this is the main point of the backrest: it must completely frame your back! If not, you may feel discomfort or lack of balance.


The armrests are more important than they seem, besides the extra comfort they provide, these have two tasks: relieve the muscles of the upper body and ensure a greater balance on the chair. Very soon you will realize that it is an indispensable one.


A little more accessory, the headrest allows a support of the neck and lumbar. It also depends on your use or not of a laptop stand For me who has a back pain it is indispensable, but this can sometimes turn out to be hindering for those who need to move a lot or feel more liberated.


The upholstery of your home work seat is a major issue and three great options are available to you.

Leather, which is the most expensive, is also easy to clean, pleasant in terms of feel and above all very durable. Be careful however, the leather seat takes a few seconds warms up in winters and can give an unpleasant feeling when it touches a moist skin in summer.

Faux leather chairs are also easy to clean and are sometimes of high quality and flexibility. Although it is much cheaper than real leather, it still keeps the same defects in high season.

Finally the fabric is the one that really stands out from the first two, and we will say it right away, it’s a horror to clean up. Care for a fabric office chair is demanding. However it is an excellent quality/price ratio, with a very pleasant touch, and most often they incorporate anti-sweat technologies.


It seems important and it is, as with a mattress, the padding must be firm and allow to sink slightly into the chair. Finally, take a good look at where the upholstery is located, it is much more pleasant if it covers the entire armchair. As you will see, sometimes the armrests are not padded and we notice it very quickly.


The base is what allows the office chair to remain stable, we talk about tripod or star base, which can be accompanied by different types of special feet: wheeled for those who move a lot, to skates for those who need to be more motionless and precise, for example to draw.


There are several certificates that can attest to the quality of an armchair. First of all, we invite you to look at: NF EN 1335, which is the European standard for armchairs that can be spent 8 hours in a row; ISO 9001 is a global standard for materials quality; ISO 14001 for environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Design (gaming vs classic)

Finally, it is very important for some and secondary for others, but design sometimes has its place in the battle of office chairs. This is especially true in the context of telework, since it will be in your home, and can sometimes denote a little too loud with the rest of the house. This is the case, for example, if you are going on a product with a gaming design that will be much more varied than Classic models, often solid color.

Armchair Mat

If you work in a parquet room and are afraid to damage it, or the floor in your room is very slippery, you can buy an office chair mat that will better stabilize the chair and save the castors on the floor. On my side I had the bad experience of buying a transparent that was quickly quite dirty and a real dust magnet. Choose a colored carpet that will make by the way a beautiful decoration.

So you already know what is your type of product?

Corporate budget vs personal budget

Finally, there is an important difference in terms of cost assessment, that is the assumption. As you can see in our legislative tab, in a number of cases your employer may take charges the costs associated with your telework pass, so the budget you negotiate with them can be decisive in choosing your chair.

In the event that your collective or company agreements provide that you take over the purchase of your equipment, then the price will be even more important to you.

In any case, we will offer you alternatives with prices that can be suitable for all budgets, but remember (and you can remind your employer) that it is your health when sometimes you have to make a small financial sacrifice that can change your daily life for a long time.

Conclusion and frequently asked questions

As you have seen, you can find an ergonomic armchair for each of the uses and each of the houses or apartments. In any case, it is hoped that this guide will allow you to make the best choice among these models of seats. Most of the time, remember that it requires a small time of adaptation and adjustments and that the totality of the ergonomic chairs you have been presented is in any case a good purchase: you can’t make a big mistake that would cause you back pain or too bad experience.

Be careful to have an ergonomic position on your office chair

However, as we have already mentioned quickly, the position you take behind your workstation is the most important factor in preserving your health. It is a constant effort to keep the right position. The ideal posture involves several points, from the bottom to top:

  • Feet well flat
  • Knees bent between 90 and 120 degrees
  • The spine straight and aligned with the pelvis, fitted against the backrest
  • Right angled elbows, which rest on the armrests
  • the right head (maximum 20 degrees of inclination) between 40 and 70 cm from the curved pc screen or the 32 inch pc

screen At the same time, this position is not enough, it is necessary to get up to walk 5 minutes at least every hour. You will see that sometimes sitting in a sitting position even slows you down your brain. Everything starts in a few steps. Also, stretching is essential to keep a body relaxed. You can do a small session in the morning and at noon you will have a much better day sitting. On my side I often do it after my exercise session, early in the morning.


Here is the section that deals with your questions. They include those you have asked us or that are most commonly requested. In this sense we may have to update it again according to your messages and comments, so do not hesitate !

Do I have to make special arrangements for my back pain?

If you have a particular back pain, you should first talk to an osteopath or even your attending physician. This will allow you to validate the cause of the problem (which are often multiple causes), but also to source it. So if you know precisely what causes evil and where, you can give yourself an opinion accordingly. At the same time, he can advise you: support for your lumbar or synchronous rocker mechanism, purchase a headrest or seat width may be essential.

Finally, consider looking at the footrests, or the laptop stand that can be the ideal complement to a good posture.

How to adjust your ergonomic chair?

As you have probably already understood, settings are a crucial step in using sound armchair. It is from this moment that it will become personalized and therefore adapted to your comfort. However, it is necessary to follow small rules when setting, especially in order. We start with the height of the seat, which must arrive at the back of the knee. Only then can we adjust the height of the desk. Then you can take care of the backrest and the headrest. For finishing you can take care of the armrests.

How do I clean your chair?

Cleaning your chair is a major point, it helps to keep it in good condition over the long term and thus to make the most of your investment. The challenge is also to keep it beautiful and in good working order, so that its use remains a pleasure. As we have already seen, and as on the swiss ball, there are two main types of upholstery, those in fabrics and leather, each of which have their peculiarities.

For the fabric is convenient, your vacuum cleaner will do ample work to remove accumulated dust, and your clothes cleaners will be able to take care of all the tasks. As with clothes, some are hardly recoverable and may need to rub a little!

You can’t really have the same approach on leather or faux leather, which would stand very badly with chemicals. So prefer Marseille soap and water to clean your chair, you can pass it on the entire surface thanks to a conventional dish towel, without hesitation to put a little vigor. Simply rinse it with another damp cloth and leave to dry to find your favorite work tool.

Can I take a cheap chair?

Differentiating factors of an armchair are many and sometimes one may wonder what matters or the gadget. There are at all prices and for every taste on platforms like Amazon. A few dozen euros are enough to buy an ergonomic chair. For in the end the most important is only the quality of the seat. For example, on the entry-level there will be no armrests, indispensable for proper posture maintenance, and in the range above there will be no padding in these same armrests which can lead to slight pain over the long term.

So it is necessary to buy in its means, but also look in priority all the specifics that we have quoted you above. There are very inexpensive seats that will be able to meet all your expectations, in this case, and if design is not an important subject, do not hesitate to take a cheap chair.