How to boost your mobile network signal ?

Mobile networks are still far from covering the entire national territory. There are places where the signal from these mobile networks is very weak. Even in well-covered areas, there may be problems with reception. Here are some tips to boost your mobile network signal.

Disable your reception of 3G

To improve signal reception, changing the type of networks is a good solution. Unlike the GSM and 2G signal, the 3G signal and especially that of 4G is much less extensive and therefore less accessible. By disabling 3G, you push your mobile phone to use a signal transmitted with better power. Of course, you will not have access to the same Data services and at the same connection speed if you want to browse the internet for example. Also, you should know that you can only take advantage of the voice service and SMS with a GSM signal.

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Use a mobile signal booster

It is probably the most reliable solution to boost your mobile signal over a given area. Still called a signal repeater, a signal amplifier is a device that picks up a signal (even of low intensity) and amplifies it and subsequently redistributes it over a specified area. This device consists of an outdoor antenna, an amplifier box and one or more indoor antennas.

A mobile signal booster allows you to benefit from an excellent quality and very stable signal. It can be used with all mobile operators and the system is very ergonomic. However, it should be known that the system only works when it manages to pick up a mobile signal nearby. To boost your mobile network signal, the best solution is to opt for a mobile amplifier.

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Use a shell to improve reception

You can find on the market shells that improve the reception of your mobile signal. These cases usually consist of an antenna that allows amplification of the receiving power of your mobile phone. They give you better reception in areas where the signal from a mobile network is low. In addition, they improve the longevity of your battery. You can find models for any kind of mobile phone. You can find out more by doing searches on the internet.