• Cars of the Renault brand are usually equipped with a protection system that works by code. As a result of a battery change or the battery has been disconnected as part of the repair, it is possible that the car radio may request a PIN before it can start. There are several options that allow you to find the security …

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    Mini Cooper S R53 : full review

    The Mini Cooper is a myth that doesn’t flank. This dynamic and elegant model at the same time comes straight to us from BMW. With a refurbishment of the Mini from the very first model, today, the Mini Cooper S R53 is a sporty and still affordable model, which fits well in the dynamics of Mini Cooper. Find here our …

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    Stephen the Bolider and the Vega Missyl

    Who is Stephen the Bolideur, and what does the famous Vega Missyl refer to? Étienne le Bolideur, by his real name Étienne Nelsom, is the creator of the Vega Missyl, a hyper powerful car, a bit mythical and enigmatic, just like the character. So, fake, legend, riddle, endless story? You are told everything about Stephen the Bolideur and his Vega …

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    Prepacode or how to pass the road code online

    Thanks to the Prepacode website published by the ENPC or the National Edition of Driver’s Permit, you can easily view your Code online . Prepacode is the most comprehensive online test with thematic series, white exams and simple training series that are constantly updated. It allows you to optimize the preparation for the road code test.

    Who is the NPC?

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    How to charge a scooter /motorcycle battery

    Are you on a motorcycle or scooter and would like to know how to effectively recharge a scooter battery? Here are some clues and tips to guide you, For motorcycles as for scooters, with a charger and jugeote, each has the ability to recharge his battery. Whatever models or plates your motor vehicles depend on, there are concrete answers to

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    Opening your own car dealership : the guide

    Every year, the automotive market expands with the arrival of new models. These mostly happen despite the differences in their features to find buyers. There is, so to speak, an opportunity to seize when opening a car dealership, as demand is high. But, how to achieve such a project? It is to this question that we propose to answer …

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    The best muscle cars of the 60s and 70s

    1960s Muscle Cars Muscle Cars of the 1960s — their beginnings, their fall and our choices for the largest muscle cars

    The 1960s were a decade of great progress. The world was changing, and the design of the cars leaped forward, building on the growth observed in the previous decade. Power outputs also jumped forward, especially in the United States. …

  • The certificate of registration consists of several numbers and letters displayed according to rigorous coding, which make it possible to classify all the technical characteristics of a vehicle . Tax power on the registration card is one of the most important parameters, since it greatly affects the price of this mandatory document for car traffic.

    What is tax power?

    Also …

  • Young Driver Online Car Insurance

    • Auto insurance quotes online immediately but, with useful links such as your insurance for a long time.
    • Online who asks used cars — principle support the.
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    Booster starter: how to boost your car battery?

    Need to boost your car at startup and save money? There is a device called the starter booster, or battery booster: it can boost your vehicle’s battery and charge it yourself. We explain everything about this product that pleases car enthusiasts.

    What is a Battery Booster/ Booster Booster?

    The battery booster, also known as the starter booster, is a fairly

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    Tractors made in France: all you need to know

    Is it possible to defend French agriculture without talking about tractors? France now ranks 3rd in the European agri-equipment industry. However, it must be said that most of the tractors and other equipment produced first serve the French market. Which is a good thing, but it would have to be that the tractors made in France could really make a …

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    H4 auto bulb: advantage, choice and replacement

    When you find yourself behind the wheel of a car, your driving experience depends on small details such as lighting. As a driver, you need to pay special attention to the choice of bulbs. Today, H4 bulbs are presented as reliable products that you can rely on. If you want to improve the lighting of your vehicle, H4 LED bulbs …

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    Cheapest car in 2020

    Want to buy a car but with a small budget? You don’t want a used car? What is the cheapest new car on the market in France and for 2020? We guide you step by step on the bargains you can do by changing cars this year.

    Find a cheaper and efficient car

    When you need to change cars, or …