How do I create an ad poster?

Creating an ad poster does not improvise. To create a design poster with a strong commercial message, you must adhere to certain design and design codes that apply to all advertising posters. Find all our tips on creating an advertising poster.

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  • Poster creation: target, for an impactful poster
  • The hierarchy of information about a poster
  • The format of your advertising posters
  • The path in Z: the path of the eye in creating posters
  • The colors of your poster
  • Typography of a poster
  • The size of the images, the paper
  • A professional for printing your posters

Poster creation: target well, for an impactful poster

Knowing that the human eye is solicited for a long time, launches in the creation of an advertising poster, it is absolutely necessary that the message be clear, simple and impactant . With the ubipresence of visual advertising in the public space, posters are not lacking. But how to make one’s voice heard and hold the attention of a constantly moving audience?

Targeting your audience is essential : an ad poster will have a great impact if what it contains effectively targets the audience. Graphic codes must be respected: your poster must convince with codes adapted to the people you want to target.

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The hierarchy of information about a poster

When creating a poster, it is essential to answer several questions in order to be able to prioritize the present information:

  • The purpose of your advertising poster
  • What is the central topic ?
  • The place where the poster will be viewed and the circumstances of the display
  • What tone will you use for your advertising poster
  • Will there be a graphic charter to respect?

Many advertising posters come from a charter and must respect it. Thus, creating a poster can be guided : you avoid the off-topic.

The format of your advertising posters

Poster dimensions are important in the sense that place and context will have to support the message. This will be all the more clear if the format and the medium are adapted to the advertising space.

Indoor and outdoor posters do not have the same formats: bus shelter, showcase, subway poster frame, etc. Printing your poster images will be based on the size of the available space.

The path in Z: the path of the eye in creating posters

Such simple codes are paramount. In the West, we read from left to right and top to bottom . The eye will follow a Z. So the first information we will see will be at the top left of the advertising poster. It is on this space that you have to bet to hang the gaze and the target.

Perspective lines are also to be respected. Advertising poster templates show you exactly where to place your items, the most important image, primary text, and secondary text. A line of strength and a line of perspective structure the creation of posters . A poster whose design is completely free will necessarily have less impact.

The colors of your poster

Colors, and color as a discipline, are the basis of creation of posters. And in this very specific context, the basic rule to be respected is the famous “who can the most can least”. Less is more means that the mental load that stems from the commercial message on your eye and therefore your brain, must be as heavy as possible.

A typical advertising poster composition that works will feature the colors of the brand’s graphic charter. Respect harmony, color coordination . It is possible to create beautiful camaieux and harmonious complementary relationships with many graphic tools known in the creative and design sector.

Poster typography

There are typographical rules. We do not start creating an advertising poster blindly, making choices of design, fonts, typography based on a subjective impression : the “it’s pretty” does not work . Fonts must be legible, and your feedback on typography must be harmonious with each other. So avoid complex fonts, which would increase mental load.

By following all these tips, you can only get to the obvious: it’s not so complicated to create an advertising poster when you have a design guide at hand.

The size of the pictures, the paper

To make sure you make a beautiful poster design, of course, choose a size of images suitable for printing , regardless of the size you choose. The choice of paper will also be important: coated paper, lower quality paper? The paper must be of sufficient quality to accommodate the printing and be able to be glued.

The images, moreover, must illustrate perfectly messages. The design is evolving, images today carry various codes . These codes must also correspond to the target audience. “An image is better than a thousand words”: this quote cannot more accurately represent the challenge of creating advertising poster. Design is a science in constant motion and images must represent an era to make a good impression, or on the contrary, play with the codes…

Some companies offer poster design and pay-per-view printing for all your marketing, advertising and communication services.

A professional for printing your posters

You can use your own printer to run this print, but the quality will not necessarily be the quality you want. It is for this reason that it is better to delegate this task to experts who will have the opportunity to use their know-how. Indeed, this printing of advertising posters requires important skills to be sure to bring the best value for money.

  • For these posters, you will need a cost of about 40 euros and a delay of 7 days to process your order.
  • Just look at the customer reviews to see that they are all very happy with the service.
  • You must fill in several elements, namely the dimensions, media, and quantity for your advertising poster.
  • It will be possible to use it indoors, but also outdoors, so it is resistant to all bad weather.

This print is offered with UV inks, the resistance is then real for three years, this allows you to enjoy a better outfit without paying off fortunes. It will then be possible to reuse these media over the course of events and your needs. Indeed, these solutions are to be considered to communicate in relation to your brand, an ephemeral operation…