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    Can I install the Aptoide app on PC ?

    Aptoide is one of these online platforms that offer a number of very interesting applications. These applications are to be downloaded and then installed on an Android operating system. but can the Aptoide application be installed on PC? We tell you everything!

    Aptoide for Android: what is it?

    Aptoide for Android is the app market, or Ali Baba’s cave with …

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    Hack an Instagram account: the tutorial

    Let’s face it, we all thought about it at a moment. Hacking an Instagram person or user’s Instagram account is not an action that everyone should be proud of. However, there are ways to hack an Instagram account. Are you curious? Follow the guide!

    Instagram, a popular social network

    Instagram is a very active social network, with hundreds of millions

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    DOC files, tools for opening, editing and converting

    How to open, edit and convert DOC files

    You don’t need to have Microsoft Word to access these documents

    A file with DOC file extension is a Microsoft Word document file. This is the default file format used in Microsoft Word 97-2003, while newer versions of MS Word (2007) use the default DOCX file extension.

    Microsoft’s DOC file format can …

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    Install Aptoide app for Android on iPhone ?

    Aptoide is in vogue lately: this handy app allows you to download other apps without going through the App store or Google Play store. What is the Aptoide app and how do I install it on iPhone (iOS)? We tell you everything here.

    Aptoide: what exactly is it?

    Of all existing applications, Aptoide is clearly out of the crowd. This …

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    Create a virtual personality with a nickname generator

    MT: Nickname generator: tool to create a false name online.

    MD: Nickname generator: allows you to invent a false name on websites, in order to hide its true identity. It helps you to be creative.

    Pseudonyms are mainly used online: social networks, games and applications. As the latter develop more and more, nickname generators are also very popular. These online …

  • São Paulo — In an interview with EXAME, Brian Acton, one of the founders of the WhatsAppassociation says that a special feature of Brazilians is that they like to use their voice to communicate, whether through calls via the Internet or via audio sent in the app. If you use audios, like President Jair Bolsonaro and former Minister …

  • For some time, Snapchat has integrated new emojis and smileys alongside the names of friends. This feature is not so new… And for those who remember msn messenger, these types of icons already existed. But well, not everyone necessarily knows what the emoji of the sun or fire corresponds to. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide for Snapchat emoji …

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    Zoom to Office Suite Tools

    Office is a program that brings together a setof desktop tools . The purpose of these tools is to perform and process all office automation tasks. Available in several versions, the facilitating character of these tools makes them practically used by all. This is even more possible, as the Office suite is compatible with the largest computer operating

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    OpenOffice or Excel: is there a real difference?

    When two computer tools have more or less the same basis, one tends to believe that they are the same. This is precisely what happened with Open Office Calc and Microsoft Excel, we get to wonder what is the difference between the two tools. Nevertheless, we can already say that there are differences between the two tools and we will …

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    What is a firmware?

    Firmware or firmware is software that is integrated into a hardware element. You can consider firmware simply as “software for hardware”. However, firmware is not an interchangeable term for software.

    Devices that you can consider strictly hardware such as optical drives, a network card, a router, a camera or a scanner all have software programmed in a special memory contained …

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    macOS, What is it and what’s new?

    macOS is the newest name of the Unix-based operating system that runs on Mac hardware, including desktop and laptop models. And although the name is new, the features and capabilities of the Mac operating system have a long history, as you will read here.

    Macintosh began his life using an operating system known simply as System, which produced versions ranging …

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    Google Voice, soon in France!

    Google Voice, the telecommunications service that allows people living in the United States to make and receive calls and text messages (free of charge locally or at a lower cost for international calls) will soon arrive in our walls. Meanwhile, here’s an overview of the use of this application and the benefits that come from it.

    What is Google Voice?

  • Whether you have a small personal blog, a corporate website or an ecommerce company, I’m sure you want to know WordPress statistics. It’s clear that knowing who is visiting you, measuring your audience, or knowing which devices they access your website is essential to optimize your page.

    We recently saw on our blog how to step by step install the

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