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Office is a program that brings together a setof desktop tools . The purpose of these tools is to perform and process all office automation tasks. Available in several versions, the facilitating character of these tools makes them practically used by all. This is even more possible, as the Office suite is compatible with the largest computer operating systems in the world: Windows and Mac . It is therefore essential to know the number of tools that the office suite has within it and their usefulness.

The various tools of the office suite

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First of all, it is necessary to clarify that the Office Suite program is a pack of small other fairly numerous software tools. Some of them are available in all installation packs. They are indispensable for all office work. The other part is rather complementary and available from one version to another.

The first part of these software is the basic software. They include the following software: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook. The second part of the add-on software includes software such as Microsoft Access , Microsoft Publisher , Microsoft One Note , Microsoft Visio , Microsoft Project , and Microsoft Front Page . Software such as InfoPath, Communicator, Groove, MapPoint , are the least used additional software.

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Basic software features

Each of the tools in the Office suite has specific features to achieve specific goals. With basic software such as Microsoft Word , for example, you can do word processing . This software is useful for writing texts, documents, reports or correspondence. Microsoft Excel is a software that basically allows youto design tables and make calculations. With this software, you can also make invoices, transcripts and also make statistics including charts. You will be able to follow an Excel training in Dijon to master this software.

Outlook makes it available to you as anemail client . It will be useful for you to establish a calendar, an address book. He’s an excellent task manager. For its part, Microsoft PowerPoint turns out to be a very good slideshow presentation tool. It allows you to project texts, images and graphics by connecting the computer to a projector.

The features of the add-on software

Additional software is also not to be neglected. These specialized software makes it possible to perform quite special tasks. Microsoft Access , for example, is a toolfor managing databases . Microsoft Publisher iscomputer-aided publishing software. Its Features will allow you to create business cards, business cards, or even labels.

Also in additional software, we also distinguish Microsoft One Note, a specialized tool for notetaking. He is extremely competent in performing this task and gives the opportunity to categorize your notes according to the themes they refer to. Microsoft Visio is an additional software for thecreation of diagrams . For Microsoft Project, it allows you to manage your projectsby planning and tracking their progress. Finally, for web development, Microsoft Front Page, also known as SharePoint, has as its main feature the editing of web pages using HTML codes.

What however, the most widely used software is the basic ones. Note that the versions of these software are not fixed . Indeed, after each update, there are usually new inputs. Therefore, from one version to another, they can change features and interfaces .