Yomoni vs WeSave: which is the best French robo-advisor?

Fintechs like Yomoni and WeSave are revolutionizing wealth management today. They are not the only ones offering services adapted to individuals. However, they undoubtedly represent the leaders in this field in the French market. They offer investments in the form of life insurance, PEA or securities accounts, and have reduced management fees, unlike traditional organizations. Are you also looking to save money online by being assisted by a powerful robo-advisor? This article will help you choose between Yomoni and WeSave.

Why call on a robo-advisor?

Calling on a fintech specialized in wealth management will offer you significant advantages. Unless you know about it in this area, it seems difficult for an individual to generate interesting profits on his investments. A wealth management advisor will let you know the types of investments that will bring you the most and the risks you incur on each investment. Managing a savings is not an easy operation. Hence the advantage of turning to a fintech specializing in this activity.

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Internet platforms, such as Yomoni or WeSave, will help you analyze the opportunities in the market, to compose an asset portfolio that meets your expectations, minimize the risk factor of investments you have made to avoid making mistakes. You will be able to manage your asset portfolio from your Smartphone. Robo-advisors will provide you with personalized financial advice at a perfectly accessible cost, whereas previously such services were reserved for the most opulent people.

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Yomoni: a management under mandate accessible to all

Yomoni is one of the fintechs that offer to help you improve your finance. It was founded in 2015 with the main objective of assisting individuals in the management of their savings in order to obtain the maximum profit. Its 100% online offer, which is offered at a lower cost, has already attracted thousands of customers. Thanks to Yomoni, those who own €1,000 or more will be able to place their money without having to turn to a traditional bank, which offers a less interesting offer. Fintech works in partnership with Crédit agricole and Crédit Mutuel Arkea.

To manage your savings, Yomoni relies on complex algorithms, but also on the expertise of financial investment advisors, who will make the best decisions for your portfolio based on the results obtained. Yomoni specializes in delegated management, unlike other fintechs that simply offer recommended management. Individuals are in this case free to apply the recommendations of these robo-advisors or not.

WeSave: a robo-advisor to boost your savings

Like Yomoni, WeSave also specializes in managed management. This fintech created by Jonathan Herscovici and Zakaria Laguel was born at the beginning of 2016. It makes it easier for you to save and manage your wealth without having to go through a bank. You simply need to fill out your investor profile, in order to allow this robo-advisor to better understand you: do you like to take risks or not? WeSave allows you to choose between 10 different investor profiles. The robo-advisor will make the most suitable investments taking into account the profile you have chosen.

Fintech offers a 100% digital offer, at relatively cheaper costs than its competitors. After analyzing market trends, the financial advisors behind WeSave will then readjust your portfolio based on data issued by algorithms. You don’t have to intervene. However, you can track your investments from your smartphone.

Yomoni and WeSave: the commonalities

In addition to specializing in mandated savings management, the two fintechs Yomoni and WeSave share other things in common, such as their 10 risk profiles or a 100% ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) management, passive but no less efficient and profitable. These are financial products to replicate the evolution of an underlying index. Both Yomoni and WeSave offer lower management fees compared to traditional contracts. Both fintechs also offer you a modern and ergonomic platform. They represent an interesting solution to start building an investment portfolio from a few hundred of euros simply, against several thousand euros from their competitors.

Yomoni and WeSave: the main differences

Like most life insurance contracts, Yomoni offers a group contract, against an individual contract for WeSave. If Youmoni allows you to invest as part of an EAP or a securities account, WeSave offers a capitalization contract, suitable for people who wish to make investments via a city.