Will they make a descendant 4 ?

After the remarkable success of Descendants 3, Disney fans are hoping for a sequel to the franchise that should be titled Descendants 4 if it happens at all. The two previous films were also in talks between many fans. That’s why Sony went to offer two back-to-back suites of the film. The plot of the film includes five major characters named Mal, Carlos, Jay, Evie and Ben. Ben, son of the king and queen of Auradon, allowed four wicked children to go to preparation school in the kingdom.

Well, it won’t be fair to say that there will be no sequel after the third episode of the movie Descendants. But, the closing events of the latest film of the franchise provides a slight idea about stopping. In the final scenes of Descendants 3, we saw that Carlos (Cameron Boyce), was heading towards the island of Lost. With him were Mal, Evie and Jay. For an observer for the first time, it may seem like a happy ending. But, those who watched the last two films carefully learn more. The third was missing something, and it was a fence line. It was part of the first two films. It was like, “You didn’t think it was the end of the story, did you? ”

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In addition to all this, one of the main cast members named Cameron Boyce unfortunately died last year because of a crisis. It is also a sign that there would be no continuation of frankness.

What if Descendants 4 comes out?

Moreover, it is clear that if Descendants 4 arrives on screens, it will not be the same as in the first three films. In addition, the magic of the film will be lost due to the absence of one of its main actors. For at the moment, there is no formal statement on this issue.

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