Why use a tempered glass protective film ?

Protecting the screen of your smartphone or tablet is necessary when you want to use it for a very long time. The screen is indeed an element exposed to scratches and daily attacks. To prevent it from keeping traces, he must have some protection. Among the solutions that exist, tempered glass is one of the most appreciated.

Tempered glass: what exactly is it?

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Tempered glass is obtained thanks to the same technology used to design the shielded windows. It is mainly used for the protection of touchscreens against scratches, falls, scratches and impacts. The glass secured to have its strength, had to undergo special treatment thanks to rapid cooling techniques.

To obtain a durable and durable glass, professionals can use the technique of thermal quenching or chemical quenching. During the thermal tempering process, the glass is carried to a temperature of 700°C in an oven before it is cooled rapidly. As for the chemical tempering technique, the glass is put in a potassium salt bath at a temperature of 400 °C. Under the effect of potassiums, the glass undergoes a compression which allows it to gain strength.

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The advantages of tempered glass protective film

There are several advantages to making use of a tempered glass protective film for various reasons. It offers excellent breakage resistance. Its resistance to mechanical shocks is remarkable. However, it should be clarified that this glass is not an unbreakable glass . In case of scratches, it becomes a little more fragile, which reduces its performance.

The tempered glass protective film may break, but it does not produce sharp pieces like ordinary glass. This is an important point on the safety of the user of this type of glass. When using your tempered glass screen protector on your phone screen, it is protected from the risk of breakage in the event of a fall.

In addition, when it breaks, the tempered glass protective film can be replaced. Its cost is relatively accessible to all scholarships. In case of scratches or scratches, you can simply change your protective film.

How to choose your tempered glass protective film?

Choosing a film from Tempered glass protection is important and this should be done with the utmost attention. You should pay attention to the hardness index; the higher it is, the more the protective film absorbs the maximum shock. Then prefer a film with a clue between 6 and 9 H

You should also focus on the coatings that make up tempered glass. It will be perfect if it has a phobic oleo-layer and a silicone layer. In addition, the glass must be thick; it must have a diameter of at least 0.30 mm. With curved edges , your glass will be perfect for your smartphone.

The art of protecting the screen of your smartphone

You intend to use your mobile phone throughout the day as it is ultimately your faithful companion. You are not immune from a violent fall, hence the point of buying protection Tempered glass screen that is effective in combating unsightly scratches that interfere with proper operation.

  • With this specialized site, you necessarily have a wide choice for protections.
  • You then protect the glass thanks to a rather interesting thickness that does not damage the use of touch functions.>/li>
  • You will also be able to make the most of your screen and even if it is in your pocket, it will not be scratched.
  • Generally, it is the screen that is most changed by professionals, because it is the victim of many inconveniences.

If you want to keep your smartphone in the best conditions, then buy the tempered glass to protect the screen effectively, but also a fairly robust case. Indeed, it is enough that your phone falls on the tile so that it is quickly obsolete especially if it is not Protected by a case or case worthy of the name. Setting up is not very long and you have tutorials to guide you.