Why do sewing?

For many people, doing sewing yourself is a cheesy activity. Indeed, in the collective imagination, sewing is a grandmother’s activity. Of course yes! Just do a few years back to remind us of granny sitting in the corner chair stacking a tablecloth or garment. And yet, despite this image of sewing, it can be very useful in everyday life. For this purpose, here are 10 good reasons to embark on sewing.

Doing your own sewing is economical

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Getting to seam does not mean getting trained to become a Karl Lagerfeld or a Dior… Far from it, the goal is to get you to solve certain sewing problems yourself at home, without moving to the couturier. So, is your pants torn? Has the tablecloth of houses frayed? Do you want to Push this jacket you like so much? Just a few notions of seams to get to your ends. For this purpose, therefore, no need to spend your money at a couturier. Thus, in addition to the economy you would make by doing your own sewing, you also avoid the costs of travelling, but also those of labor . So, once again, it was Grandma who was right.

The little extra, you save on fabric

You certainly haven’t seen it coming… And yet, DIY sewing makes it possible to choose your fabrics yourself. You can also recycle some of your clothes by avoiding throwing them away… There are a thousand and one ideas to do something else. For this purpose, think carefully before you throw away your clothes.

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Doing your own sewing makes it self-contained

You would have seen it when you were a child, Grandma never complained about what the seamstress had not yet returned her dress or dress… Indeed, she knew how to do many things in sewing. But, rest assured! Once again, it is not about high-end sewing, the trendy seam type. Here it is a seam that can serve you in a convenient way. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the fact that some women or some granny may be excellent seamstresses. That said, let’s go back to our sheep! Indeed, when you undertake to do your sewing yourself now, you will notice that you will feel more free. It’s very easy to get up and take your work, sew it for a while, then dedicate yourself to something else sometime after. In a short way, it is you who define your sewing calendar . For this purpose, you do it whenever you like it. So goodbye the Greek calendars of seamstresses!

Doing your own sewing makes it possible to

Than notions in sewing! Indeed, like any good job, sewing is taught. But beyond learning, it is the ability to improve as you exerciseimprove that is important. Thus, sewing is part of those activities where you learn quickly and much, by training. We become very skilled, not certainly like Catherine Bouenard, the fastest knitting machine in France, but fast enough to sew your clothes yourself and those of your children. You don’t miss these rare notions too… You certainly know the most basic ones:

  • How to make hems?
  • How to lay a bias?
  • How to make shirring?
  • How to lay an elastic band?
  • Etc.

Nevertheless, there are these rare notions that can be copied only among the great couturiers, on a model worn by the neighbor or even a notion which you will read in a manual. Indeed, the other quality of sewing is always being able to do better . So, just by practicing sewing some of your shirts yourself, you start by taking braid. Cool, isn’t it!

In addition, it makes you eco-responsible…

Being eco-responsible is respected for the environment. And taking care of making your sewing yourself, you are doing good to mankind. Thus, you will not only improve to create clothes. You change things without realizing it. For this purpose, the biggest DIY sewing trend today is slow couture. Here, in the choice of fabrics for sewing your shirt, you make the option of 100% organic fabrics. You are certainly wondering what is the difference between organic fabric and other fabrics on the market. In one example, organic cotton requires 2 times less water than cotton traditional. For this purpose, once you start DIY sewing, you do wonders.

Doing your own sewing is a hobby

What could be better than practicing sewing when boredom takes you ? Most of these sewing people know what it is about. Indeed, like reading a book, playing ludo or doing your garden, the Do it Yourself (DIY) sewing is also a real hobby. That’s why Grandma never deprive herself of it. Certainly, if this activity was binding and harassing, it will not do it and neither will you have time to curse the seam. For this purpose, rest assured, embarking on sewing is not synonymous with a 50-year backward. Beyond that, it is a healthy, healthy leisure to go drunk with your friends in a nightclub. Thus, people who do it to relax, but at the same time to make a good of their own. So it is a real benefit as a leisure time. To this end, like Caroline who shared her testimony on Facebook…

“Sewing is my moment! (…) I forget everything when I sew, there is only what I am doing that matters”

… sewing makes you forget your little worries for a moment. So, what is a leisure time for, if not to put aside time boredom and daily worry? Sewing is a wonder, a game that is played with thread, needle, dice, etc. that you should definitely explore.

Doing your own sewing gives self-control

You certainly doubted it! This is a truth. So what are you waiting for to embark on sewing? Indeed, having self-control is vital in life. It is also a very high quality sought. And if you do the sewing, you will have more than self-control. You will also have patience. Indeed, sewing is an activity that is done with meticulousness, calm and strategy . Manoeuvring needles and pins also has its consequences… And it is one of the most fun sides of sewing… As soon as you get into it, you will understand that to sew even a few centimeters of loincloth, you need much more than just a knowledge of the art of sewing. Here you will need concentration and patience to do a job that depends greatly on detail. For this purpose, making its sewing yourself allows to have self-control.

Doing your own sewing is to become master of the sewing pattern

There is nothing better than knowing that we are making progress in sewing. And when we become aware of it, then welcome the will to create one’s own models. In this case, it is the sewing pattern that suffers. Indeed, a sewing pattern is a paper or canvas model of a garment that is placed on a fabric to cut it according to exact measurements. That, you don’t know, for example! And yet, it is very useful when you move from laying the closures to the design of some of your shirts. But, you will use it more to sew small dresses to your girl or pants to your boy. Isn’t that great? Indeed, be aware that from the moment you can make sewing patterns properly, you start by having a certain mastery of the thing . And it will be very beneficial for you.

Doing your own sewing is to have unique clothes

Do you want to be original in your clothing? Indeed, it is the clean of the seam. As soon as you start, you don’t want more necessarily stop you. You want to design your own clothes. The task is not easy, but it is always a pleasure to achieve it. Indeed, from a hobby activity, sewing allows you to take the role of designer of your own models. Isn’t it chic! The advantage of sewing at this level is invaluable. First, you will always be asked the origin of your clothes. Then you will certainly have orders from your loved ones. And finally, you can quickly forget that sewing was just for you a hobby. In this case, it becomes very interesting… we can discover you at any time. So, what do you think? Sewing can also open up opportunities for you.

And if social networks get involved…

Today, social networks are a springboard to proudly show your DIY sewing . Indeed, it is now the tendency to do sewing yourself. So, if initially the number of followers to your Instagram account is shy, as you make exploits, the number will not stop growing. You will have, why not, suggestions for this or that model. Quickly you can become famous and be followed by thousands of followers.

Doing sewing yourself improves the quality of family life

Sewing is an activity that has a strong impact on family life. Indeed, in addition to providing you with pleasure, it brings you a lot closer to your children, to your husband and why not to your wife. Oh yes! Indeed, it is still quite retrograde to think that having a haberdashery is just a woman’s affair… If that is the case, you are mistaken… everyone can take the needle. And rightly so, neither Dior, nor Balenciaga or Poiret are women… So do you have a piece of time? Make a hem on your son’s pants, put the curtain on the next room, please your darling by helping her to untie this button that no longer fits on his clothes, especially don’t forget to have the great idea of replacing it, etc. These are all advantages that a Do It Yourself seam can get. You can also make sewing as a family . Between dad, mom and children, the atmosphere may be more than family. So it’s very charming to embark on sewing.

Doing sewing yourself helps to develop self-esteem

Self-esteem is very crucial to living in society. The self-esteem here is well in the positive sense. Indeed, being able to sew your clothes yourself is a source of pride. But, remember, embarking on sewing is first of all satisfying his desires to know how to handle thimble, needle and fabric. It is also for the good of your loved ones. For this purpose, estimating oneself is understood in the sense of awareness of one’s talent, the overtaking of oneself to which sewing pushes you . So it has nothing to do with selfishness or other inappropriate behavior. Far from it, sewing is a springboard to appreciate our small efforts, but also those of others. So feel free to embark on sewing; you will appreciate the benefits you can get in terms of your quality of personal life.

Doing sewing yourself makes it possible to give gifts to loved ones

If you enjoy sewing, be sure, you will never miss what to offer to your loved ones . Indeed, sewing is an activity that develops creative imagination. And as soon as you start creating models, there must be people to appreciate them… So in this context, do not hesitate to give gifts to your closest friends so that they can appreciate your talent. Also, you do not have trouble sewing a hood, a dress or trousers to give them to the little children of your neighbor. In addition, for birthdays and other celebrations, thanks to your knowledge of seams, you will have a thousand and one ideas as a gift. Indeed, what could be better than offering a DIY shirt to a loved one on his birthday? The latter will undoubtedly appreciate an original shirt designed by a loved one like you. This is the kind of memory we keep all life. For this purpose, are you tired of buying gifts at the store all the time? Put yourself in sewing; you will love the opportunities it will offer you.

Sewing is an ideal solution to spend your time, explore your talent and also save money . To this end, for a so profitable activity, why not get started? Sewing is for everyone.