Who uses chatbots?

Industries & chatbots: Chatbots are already used in many industries because they make customer communication more efficient by automating dialogues. Chatbots have long been used in industries such as customer service, news, production information, branding, engagement, purchasing, entertainment, government, tourism, HR or banks.

In this post, you’ll find out everything about

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  1. Chatbots in customer service
  2. Chatbots in the message area
  3. Chatbots around product information
  4. Branding chatbots
  5. Chatbots for more engagement
  6. Shopping chatbots
  7. Chatbots in conversation
  8. Chatbots in government
  9. Chatbots in tourism
  10. Chatbots in HR
  11. Chatbots in banks and insurance

1. chatbots in customer service

Bots or chatbots are not meant to abolish customer service, but improve it! Our Customers were able to have over 45 million questions processed by a chatbot last year. Resources that any company can use more sensibly, for example, to better and more service-intensive answers to more demanding inquiries and customer requests.

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As a result, a relatively laborious chatbot can now be ideally used in first-level support to answer rather simple questions directly. For more complex questions, the chatbot can help with pre-qualification and find out what kind of problem there is to solve and then assign it directly to the right person.

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2. Chatbots in the news/information area

News is distributed through numerous channels today. You can often do this with low effort and free of charge. In the flood of news, important things nevertheless go down. Individual offers on how they can provide chatbots are a real solution here. The messenger chat bot identifies and desired information and makes it available when the user actually has time and interest to read.

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3. Chatbots around product information

Products can raise a lot of questions. A bot can answer such questions patiently and as often as you like. Instead of having to read comprehensive manufacturer information, customers can ask the bot exactly about the topics they would like to learn more about. Annoying queues and unanswered emails are therefore a thing of the past on.

4. Branding chatbots

Brands are often associated with topics such as sports and music, or with well-known people that a bot can provide entertaining information about. But it is also quite conceivable that a bot itself will become a representative of a well-known brand — and thus a star itself.

A good example of successful branding via chatbot is “The Savings Bank’s Messenger”, which sent over 130.00 personalized videos during the campaign period and thus increased app downloads by 350%.

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5. Chatbots for more engagement

How can a simple chatbot increase engagement, branding, and clicks? A quizbot can optimally support this!

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6. Shopping chatbots

Bots can not only advise on products, but also directly support purchasing through to interactive payment. The chatbot asks for missing information until it has collected all the information necessary for a purchase. He takes on the function of a virtual assistant and guides the customer through to the successful completion of the purchase.

7. Entertainment Chatbots

Chatbots will enable whole new types of entertainment. As a first step, they help you find movies, TV guides or provide information about stars, among other things. You can also create new formats in messenger where they act as a presenter, assistant or referee. A good example is Disney’s chatbot for Beauty and the Beast.

8. Chatbots in government

Government agencies often have standardized forms and processes. These can be accelerated very well by bots. With the support of a chatbot, such processes can be moved to the messenger and made available there individually. Long waiting times and inflexible opening hours are now a thing of the past.

9. Chatbots in tourism

Tour operators, hotels, destinations & attractions — they all use messenger marketing and make their first attempts at walking with chatbots. Chatbots can also help with travel bookings by already filtering a pre-selection based on different question answers and only selecting the relevant results.

One of the first and most successful chatbots was Sina from HLX.com. Approximately 1.5 billion HLX travel blocks were filtered out via targeted questions, the offers relevant to the customer and then presented the three best flat packages with off prices, which could be booked immediately.

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10. Chatbots in HR

Whether employer branding, recruiting, onboarding or internal communication — human resources management has now also recognized the benefits of automated communication and innovative distribution channels!

The Federal Employment Agency has taken prominent support for its what’smebot: no one less than the well-known YouTuber Julien Bam is leading through the dialogues. In a contemporary style, the bot asks the different characteristics of the candidate and repeatedly diverts entertaining GIFs. At the end, you will receive a professional type profile card.

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11. Chatbots in banks and insurance companies

Many banks have questions that can easily be clarified by predefined answers. Chatbots lead through complex consultations here. Low effort makes it possible to address customers quickly and directly and, if desired, also to provide personal advice. Communication channels are shortened and simplified so that the client feels as comfortable as possible.

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Chatbots are still at the very beginning and have by no means fully exploited their potential — but there are first successful tests in many industries. With these learnings, you can’t wait to see what else will happen there! We have compiled more chatbot cases for you in our post Best Practice: 5 chatbot projects and what you can learn from them.

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