Who is Jérôme Pasquelin: Google SEO consultant?

Jérôme Pasquelin is a versatile professional. His first cap is that of the web consultant, specialized in SEO for some years. He also creates and maintains websites.

His studies in marketing and his long experience in computer science make Jérôme Pasquelin a seasoned expert in SEO. He also gives courses at the École Multimedia in Paris and offers a comprehensive training that convinced many people.

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What is his journey? What does his training offer? This article explains in detail what you need to know about Jérôme Pasquelin.

His journey

Jérôme Pasquelin has received a training in commercial action, specializing in marketing. He then changed his way to turn to computer science in order to train in different languages and to be able to become a developer.

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This training enabled him to work as a webmaster assistant for GrosBill, a company selling computer and high-tech hardware. He climbs the ranks then in front of webmaster and front office manager.

By also working for Auchandirect, he builds strong webmaster skills. It is at the same time that he discovers SEO and that makes him want to train himself.

First by learning through personal sites he has set up, then through training. The professional training he undertook have completed his apprenticeship and enabled his launch as a freelance.

If he has changed his direction after his training in marketing, he is certain that this background is valuable to him in his job as a web consultant and creator of websites.

The objective of its training

Jérôme Pasquelin offers training that will teach you how to generate revenue through expired domains.

That is, it will help you take advantage of websites that are not renewed by their owners by buying them.

Explaining the mechanisms of Google’s algorithm, Jérôme Pasquelin will give you advice on how you can recover the digital wealth of a domain.

This allows you to benefit from interesting income. However, be careful, there is no question here of becoming rich in the blink of an eye.

Rather, it’s about understanding the cogs of a system so that you can take advantage of it.

This requires patience and serious learning. This is a work that will bear fruit in the long run.

Jerome Pasquelin formed himself with qualified professionals such as Stephane Madaleno or Fabien Raquidel before being able to be an expert in the field of personal income generation.

His skills acquired over the years give her the legitimacy to teach at NDD CAMP Paris and to intervene in Webinars about SEO.

The content of its training

His training is divided into several modules.

  • Module 1 is primarily to teach you the basics of SEO and start the topic of expired domains.
  • Secondly, you’ll learn how to find these expired domain names. You will be focused on the right tools to use or services that may be useful to you. These tools will be free or inexpensive.
  • Module 3 will be the discovery of 7 important platforms where you will be able to purchase domain names expired. This module will also show you how to make immediate purchases and complete site purchases.
  • Module 4 will give you the knowledge to be able to analyze expired domain names (NDDs) that are worth buying. Being able to buy a domain name is a good thing, but knowing how to choose them and spot their potential profitability is much more interesting.
  • In module 5, Jérôme Pasquelin will give you his processes and several platforms that are useful to him in particular, to host his domains and his creations of content.
  • Module 6 will be a practical application of the knowledge gained through direct situational situations. The whole process will be detailed to you over the months.
  • Module 7 will be an opportunity to discover the monetization of sites with the presentation of Ezoic.
  • Module 8 will be carried out in the company of other SEO experts. The latter will advise on ways to better reference your site with the netlinking method.
  • The last module will finish explaining how you can generate revenue through Amazon and EMD.

This very comprehensive training allows anyone who wants to embark on this type of business, to obtain a foundation in the field of SEO.

It also helps to understand how dedicated tools work and how to use them by optimizing them.

It is a training that requires investment but the results of which will give you long-term financial revenues.

Do not hesitate to contact Jérôme Pasquelin if you have any questions or for a request for a quote.

Its official website contains other information useful if you want to know more about SEO, its training and its references.