Who can write a marriage contract?

When do I make my marriage contract?

It is highly recommended before you marry, because once you are married, you have the opportunity to change your matrimonial regime, but it is a procedure that is more expensive, and may sometimes be longer if you have minor children.

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How to make a marriage contract?

Very simple, a visit to your notary. In a few prior appointments, your notary will have been able to define with you your needs and establish a tailor-made marriage contract, according to your expectations.

How much does a marriage contract cost?

It takes an average of 450/460 € TTC to make a marriage contract with a notary.

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As a notary, what advice can you give us?

Anticipation. As soon as you wish to marry, you make an appointment at the notary of your choice who will listen to you and direct you to a particular one or more such a diet. There may be no contract required, but if it is, you will have the best interest in establishing it before.

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