Which Scandinavian chair to choose?

Dress up the decor of your home with Scandinavian chairs. For a few years now, the Scandinavian trend has invaded decoration shops and the specialized press. While some thought this style was about to decline, this trend seems to be grounded in the hearts of fans of decoration.

Being myself a great lover of Nordic design, I decided today to propose a small article that will allow you to choose your Scandinavian chair well. You will discover some decorative ideas to choose the chair suitable for each room . At the end of the article, you will find a selection of products that you will definitely love!

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What is a Scandinavian chair?

Functional, simple and sleek, the Scandinavian chairs have unique features. Indeed, the Nordic design is distinguished by its soft lines and the extensive use of wood in all its forms.

On the colours side, the Scandinavian chairs give a great place to pastel shades. Blue, pink, green or yellow, these shades are the most representative of this trend of decoration.

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Of course, black and white are the stars of Scandinavian design and you will have no trouble associating this type of chair with any type of interior.

Which chair to choose for its Scandinavian decor?

Do you want to succumb to the charms of Scandinavian design but don’t know which chair to choose to redress your home? Well I now offer you some ideas and tips on how to choose your Scandinavian chair well .

For your dining room, office or for your children’s room, you will undoubtedly find the inspiration you need below.

A Scandinavian chair for the living room or office

To begin with, be aware that the Scandinavian chair will be perfect for bringing a little touch of softness in a contemporary decor. If you are particularly fond of black but want a note of white, then you can place such chairs around your dining table.

Conversely, in a white kitchen or dining room, you can opt for a darker Scandinavian chair . For example, you can easily find black or gray models to bring a little contrast to your room.

Finally, you can also play the tone on tone card and coordinate the color of your chair with that of your room. For a total white look, you can opt for Charles Eames’s famous DSW with its pretty wooden legs that will bring a warm touch to your decor.

In your office, I advise you to choose a chair with armrests . Indeed, since these models are wider, you will be installed comfortably to work. Here again, you will find without difficulty many models or colors so that your chair is perfectly matched with the decoration of your room.

1. Visit Deco/2. Entrance Makleri/3. Hunker/4. Pinterest/5. Pinterest

Scandinavian chairs for the children’s room

In the children’s room also the Scandinavian chair will perfectly find its place .

For example, you can opt for a rocking chair in which you can settle to rock your baby. Matte, this type of furniture will easily fit any type of decoration.

Besides, I confess to you find the chairs with bars especially suitable for the small room . They come in many colours and can be placed in front of a desk, drawing table or even used as a bedside table.

Then, if you want a more classic Scandinavian look in the bedroom of your dear little blonde heads, you can opt for the famous DSW again. Like Cynthia, from the Peek It Magazine blog, feel free to add here and there some colorful accessories to put some life in your children’s workspace.

Finally, if you want a more vintage look, feel free to chin some of your child’s room furniture. Then add here and there some more contemporary Scandinavian notes for a truly successful look. Here again the Scandinavian chair will be perfect to finalize the decoration of the room.

1. Inspired by This/2. Green Baudet/3. Peek It Magazine/4. Avenue Lifestyle/5. Bolig

My selection of Scandinavian chairs

I propose now to discover a selection of Scandinavian chairs that will be perfect for your decor. As in the inspiration section above, I have classified my selection into two parts: the chairs for adults and those for the little ones.

A Scandinavian chair for the big

Whether in your office, dining room or kitchen, the Scandinavian chair will be a good way to relook your room with a breath from the North.

My Favorites

To begin with, I loved the light grey Scandinavian chair presented in the first photo. As I mentioned above, this one will be perfect to add a little contrast to a Scandinavian decor entirely white.

Then, I propose you to discover the all-wood chair found on the website of Mr Scandinavian. This will bring real warmth to your home. It can be used in the dining room or in an office.

Finally, I selected for you the very nice braided chair presented in the last photo. Its line is very evocative of Nordic design and its black and white pattern will give a particularly graphic side to your decoration.

The selection

01. Scandinavian chair light grey/02. The rubber chair at La Redoute/03. Ash chair

01. Chair with armrests dark pink/02. Normann Copenhagen chair at Smallable/03. Braided Resin Chair

Selection of chairs Scandinavian for the little ones

Because the little ones also have the right to a trendy room, I now propose you to discover a selection of chairs for children.

My Favorites

I loved the first pink vintage chair with its solid birch base . It will be perfect to bring a nice note of colour to your child’s room.

Then I had a real favorite for the cat chair presented in a little lower. Its Scandinavian style and funny design will delight your dear little blonde heads.

Finally, the kids will fall for the pretty white vintage Scandinavian chair presented in the last photo. In particular, they will be able to settle there comfortably to do their homework.

The selection

01. Children’s vintage chair Scandinavian at Mr Scandinavian/02. The In2Wood children’s chair at Smallable/03. White Scandinavian chair

01. Kid’s cat chair/02. The Hay chair for children at Smallable/03. White Vintage Scandinavian Chair