Which carat gold to choose?

A gold pendant can only please yourself or as a gift. Before this jewel sparkles at the neck of its wearer, some points deserve value. Let us especially look at the criteria of choice, the number of carats and the price for a gold pendant.

What criteria for choosing?

As a pendant can also carry a message, you can choose one at beau-pendant.com. This site will offer you customizable pendants as you wish.

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A pendant does not choose on a stroke of heart, it must highlight its wearer. Thus, the first criterion that comes into being is the morphology and length of the chain.

So choose a gold pendant that goes with a semicircle necklace for a face with a square chin. This form will soften the angular appearance. Hang a gold pendant on a V chain for a person with face round.

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You can make it engraved, you can choose a particular symbolic and even choose lucky pendants.

Aesthetics also counts. So you can choose to set the pendant with a stone that is close to your heart. Consider seeing the virtues of each of them before setting your choice.

What is the difference between yellow gold, white gold and rose gold?

Not all gold jewelry looks the same and take different shades. This is due to the different alloys made with gold.

Yellow gold, solar and warm is an alloy of yellow gold and several metals. Namely palladium, zinc or copper. This is the most common gold color and the one that jewelers prefer to work.

White gold is an alloy of pure gold and white metals such as silver and palladium. Its bright color is achieved thanks to the fine layer of rhodium lining it. If it’s a solid pendant you need, white gold is the most recommended because it is difficult to scratch. In addition, its neutral appearance gives it the power to marry with all shades of stones.

Rose gold is an alloy of pure gold, silver and copper. It is this variety of gold that is the most popular of the moment. Many appreciate it for its tender color, unusual and which gives free rein to romanticism.

How many carats for a pendant?

To give us a clear idea of what carat means, we need to know that pure gold is 24 carats. In this state, however, it is far too soft and not malleable to be transformed into a jewel.

The carat represented by the letter “K” means the purity of gold in an alloy. Thus, the higher the value, the more gold it has.

For 18k gold, alloy contains 75% pure gold. It must have an awl with an eagle’s head.

A 9-carat gold pendant will carry a 4-leaf clover hallmark. This pendant is therefore composed of 37.5% pure gold.

What can be the price of a gold pendant?

The price of a gold pendant will therefore depend first of all on the number of gold carats inside. The higher the carat, the greater the price will be. This price will be related to the gold price of the moment.

The 18 carat pendants will therefore be more expensive, but will stand up to time. If you want a pendant to follow the trend, take one with 9 carats. It will last you less long, but will cost you much cheaper.

The price of the pendant will also be related to its size. Indeed, do not forget that the price of gold is valued engram.