Where to spend a good weekend in the North?

Are you looking for where to go on weekends in the North of France? Travel for you has selected 5 destination ideas for you!

To begin with, I grant you, this year is still special. But it takes a lot more to demotivate you, right? Especially when we know that spring comes back in 40 days ..

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Certainly, it is more complicated to fly and plan a long holiday abroad, but I bet you that there are sublime landscapes that you do not even suspect in our beautiful country.

So wherever you are, Travel for You has thought of you , so you don’t have to travel hours to get out of scenery for a weekend.

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Moreover, every month, you will find on this blog a special selection of places to discover or rediscover in every major part of the France.

And this month, we start with my homeland! In other words:

Weekend in the North of France: Going to take the air from the sea on the Opal Coast

Are you camping or thalasso? Both? It’s fine, in the North, we have all this at hand, and besides by the sea please!

To begin with, it was impossible to make a dead end on the Touquet Paris-Plage , a must-see seaside resort.

Renowned for its chic frequencies, luxury hotels and spa , Le Touquet is also a charming city where you can also indulge in many activities!

If you like to ride a horse, or just watch them, the Touquet equestrian centre is absolutely sublime.

Competitions If you prefer leisure horse riding, the club also organizes horse riding on the beach : simply magical!

To make your evenings unforgettable, start by eating an ice cream at Kokoa‘s late afternoon, then head to the beach for a drink (in moderation) at one of the many beach barsSource: https://centreequestre-letouquet.com/ set up in the early days of April.

Casino Barrière Finally, if you are a player, you can not miss the legendary du Touquet, a guaranteed atmosphere!

Source: https://www.casinosbarriere.com/fr/le-touquet.html

wilderness, you will be seduced by Les Deux-Caps, association of Cap Blanc-Nez and If you are more trendy Cap Gray-Nose.

Breathtaking landscapes await you, at the detour of the 8 picturesque villages that make up this large site and home to charming cottages and warm guest houses.

Source: https://www.paysdopale-tourisme.fr/

Hiking enthusiasts, you will find your happiness during the weekend in the North, at the two caps. And it’s not impossible for you to meet a small companion sleeping pill on the endless beaches of the North.

Hello you! Take the time to (really) visit the city of Lille: The capital of Northern France

It’s crazy, Lille is the best-known city in the North of France, but have you ever really visited it for a weekend?

You would even be surprised at the number of things to do in the city center and its surroundings! Obviously, a weekend in the North of France without passing by the Grand Place of Lille seems impossible!

Dominated by the Ferris Wheel in winter, it comes alive in summer when the terraces bloom on its cobblestones.

First: Obligatory passage through the Old Stock Exchange of Lille, a century old and sublime building, before going to taste the best local fries at Meunier !

Then I invite you to get lost in the streets of Old Lille, and go through the famous Place aux Onions, the cutest!

Another little hollow? It turns out that the two best pastries are at the end of the two adjacent streets. I named Fred’s Wonderful, and the Ogre of CarrouselbergSource: www.wikipedia.com . You will also tell me the news of their P’tits Pushins!

Climb to the top of the Belfry of Arras

Who says weekend in the North, also says weekend in Pas-de-Calais! I’m taking you to Arras .

This city has an unsuspected beauty, which can only be measured by going there. And if you climb to the top of its belfry, you will discover a breathtaking panorama there.

Story enthusiasts? So go visit the Wellington Quarry, you will not be disappointed! This underground quarry excavated more than 20 metres underground by New Zealand tunnels between 1916 and 1917 served as a strategic refuge for nearly 24,000 British soldiers during the First World War. An amazing visit to do!

Source: https://www.carrierewellington.com/

You are a sportsman, a fan of sensations and are you still looking for where to go on weekends in the North? Don’t panic, Travel For You thought of you.

St. Lawrence Blangy Nautical Base is home to a canoeing club, but has opened up to the most adventurous a 200m descent to do by rafting, hydro-speed, kayaking, and even in an inflatable hot dog! For freshwater sailors, you can also rent a paddle, canoe, or stay on land to test your archery or archery skills. The Sarbacean. Yes, yes.

Source: https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/ Escape in the North during the weekend through the Flanders Mountains

Where to go out of scenery on weekends in the North? In the Flanders Mountains , pardi!

It may be called “Le dish pays”, there are indeed mountains , although small, in the North of France.

“La Cordillera des Flanders” will not leave you marble, especially if you are a lover of hiking or cycling . Travel For You has made a selection of the three most iconic mountains for you.

The Mount of Cats:

It rises at 164 meters above sea level and is home to a grandiose bi-centenary abbey . Hence the name of the unique taste cheese bearing its name: Le Mont des Cats. The latter is also still made by the monks of the abbey!

Source: http://www.abbaye-montdescats.fr/ Mount Kassel:

If his name tells you something, it’s normal. The village of Kassel was elected favorite village of the French in 2018, and remains one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Its altitude of 176 meters offers you one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Hauts-de-France. Get lost in its small alleys, and enjoy the view, sitting on the terrace.

Source: https://www.20minutes.fr/ The Mont Noir:

Riding between France and Belgium, the Mont Noir really puts you in the mountain atmosphere with a chairlift flying over the vineyards and connecting Mont Noir to Mont Rouge. The view is sublime, and it even gave ideas to some..

Credit: https://www.fredlaurent.com/ Marvel at the landscapes of the Audomarois

If the city of Saint-Omer and its surroundings do not make you dream to go for a weekend in the North, you will change your mind after reading this article!

The Audomarois Marsh

First of all, no one can remain insensitive to Charm of the Audomarois Marais. And for good reason, it is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site !

Designed by man centuries ago, the marsh is visited by boat and is also distinguished by its many dwellings still occupied in the middle of the water.

So these are not roads, but rather driveways in the form of streams that must be used to access the city. The same applies to marsh market gardeners , growing their vegetables directly on plots overlooking the water.

Source: http://www.patrimoines-saint-omer.fr/ The city of Saint Omer

Then, to return to civilization, it is in Saint-Omer that it happens. The river continues its way in the middle of the city, making it a picturesque and bucolic place.

At Saint-O’, the pressure, we drink it. Known throughout France, the beers of the Saint-Omer brewery are made around the city.

Take the time to visit the La Goudale brewery , its brewers are real enthusiasts!

Weekend in the North and History:

For a weekend in the North of France focused on nature and culture, I recommend the fascinating visits to two historical sites, witnessing the Second World War :

The Blockhouse of Eperlecques , the largest in the North of France, houses the secrets of the manufacture of German secret weapons, the first fruits of the space conquest.

La Dome , a World War II museum and its planetarium immersing you in an experience in reality increased.

Now you have a problem. You want to visit everything, but right now, organizing weekends is the youngest of your worries!

Bingo! You’re in the right place.

Travel for You organizes a tailor-made holiday, and of course weekends to go to the North. Suitable for all and suitable for all budgets.

So to organize your next weekend in the North of France or your dream vacation without having anything to do, and without it costs more, remember to book a niche to exchange on your next trip !

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