In a first article, we looked at where it is possible to fly his drone in Paris. We will now be interested in the Ile de France. Unfortunately, the regulation is not much more tender towards the people of the region than it is for those in the capital.

Moreover, testimonies that show the frustration of users are not uncommon on the web and specialized forums. Dronists complain about having to drive tens of kilometers to find a suitable spot.

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Regulations in force for drone

As a

reminder, the drone practice has become extremely framed over time. Consult the following link on drones and aviation regulations in France. It also contains a simplified and interactive aeronautical map of the areas authorized to fly, for use by drone leisure.

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And, in order to make users fully aware of the seriousness with which authorities are dealing with safety issues related to drones, here is this video from the JT de France 2 of 30 January 2019. It is perfectly understood, after viewing it, the need to be properly informed of the rules, to avoid having to pay for the consequences of misuse of his drone.

Spots for drone in Ile de France

Indoor drone spotlights

Indoor practice is an excellent driving school in terms of reflexes and decision-making. Indeed, flying in confined space means always turning in time so as not to hit a wall or ceiling.

Where to practice Indoor drone in the Paris region?

  • The Rosny indoor club in Rosny (93), which “allows all fans of indoor flight and especially beginners to come and fly in hall in Rosny-Sous-Bois, either at the Prés-Gentil gymnasium on Monday or Wednesday at the Claude Bernard Omnisports Hall”.
  • The Sénart Multirotor Racing in Saint-Germain-lès-Corbeil (91). It is precisely from the observation of the difficulty of finding spots for drones in Ile de France that the association was born. The association was born from the finding of the difficulty of finding spots for drones in Ile de France. It brings together as many amateurs who go from leisure flight, as well as competitors who come to prepare for tournaments.

Outdoor drone spotlights

Of course, practicing outdoors is the most rewarding thing. You are in the open air, and the aerial views are always the most beautiful. And then, in terms of piloting, we have to deal with the different elements present. This is where we get the best awareness of its true level as pilot.

Three spots to fly your spot outdoors in Ile de France

  • The Civil Drone Cluster (77), which describes here its drone flight spaces in Ile-de-France. This association reserved for professionals has an area of nearly 300 ha, the largest of its kind.
  • The Sénart Multirotor Racing, already mentioned in indoor venues, also has an outdoor space in Brétigny-sur-Orge (91). However, the latter is reserved for members.
  • Isles-les-Meldeuses (77): this town is home to an ideal spot to start with a drone and learn about aerial images. The place includes a field, a series of ponds, and the Marne is right next door. It’s a very nice place to fly his drone in the suburbs of Paris.

To push your passion for drone further

As we have seen, regulation is binding on users. However, there are ways to continue to exercise your passion while remaining creative. So you can make DIY (for “Do It Yourself”), the equivalent of our “DIY”. With a little imagination and know-how, one can make the drone practice more exciting. Moreover, we are never better served than by oneself!

You can also read Build Your Drone — The Illustrated Guide Step by Step. It is a book designed to “build a custom drone yourself using commercially available components.”


As one user mentions, “when you discover a spot on which it is allowed to fly, respecting the regulations in force upstream, there is a real magic”. This magic comes from the fact that we have made real efforts and sometimes long journeys to discover it. It’s exciting to be the first to explore such spots. And it is also the opportunity to talk to your passionate relatives and friends, and this generates discussions and meetings.

So yes, flying in Ile de France makes it necessary to be patient and determined but, if the spots are limited, they do exist. The best advice we can give is to join the ever-growing community of users who wish to practice their passion where possible. To do this, one can register in one of the available clubs and connect to the network of enthusiasts, through forums and other online platforms. It is by discussing and meeting other practitioners that you will stay on the page, and will be the first to know about newspots.