Where to buy used switch games?

The Switch-Actu gallery allows its editors to express themselves freely on a topic related to the Nintendo Switch, the main topic of our site. This time it is DesBen who shares its feeling in the second-hand market Nintendo Switch.

While many players like to receive their game on the day of release, others are more patient. Some have the means to buy at a high price, others do not. In the world of video games, the second-hand market is something ubiquitous. Despite very strong criticism and attempts by some publishers to curb the trend, the observation is here: the opportunity is a pillar of the market. Still, your console must be affected by this resale system. At present, we have noticed that the Nintendo Switch is a bit absent from this the occasion, that games are often difficult to find, and consoles it is not better.

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Why is it difficult to find used Switch games?

This is a question that we ask ourselves. The console is cardboard, more than a million French people bought a Nintendo Switch, but despite this it’s hard to find a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or a Super Mario Odyssey at your favorite dealer. But why? There are several possible reasons. First of all, the console is recent. It may be a detail for you but for me it means a lot but some people have not finished their games yet. Whether they bought it on March 3, 2017 or yesterday, not everyone plays at the same speed and therefore do not resell immediately. We can also put this on the account of attachment to the brand. Over time, we have noticed quite easily that in general games on Nintendo console are resold less than the others. It is easy to compare a Wii radius to that of a PlayStation 4. Why take these two examples that seem inconsistent? It’s simple: the rays are equivalent in size. The Wii is already much older than a PlayStation 4 , yet there are almost as many games for sale on both consoles.

But what is this “attachment rate” due to games on Nintendo console? For the games developed by Big-n, the observation is, although not objective, quite easy to guess: the games are good. They are of such a rare quality in our time that players refuse to resell such nuggets. This is what Reggie Son-Aime had implied in 2013 at the E3, saying that” if you do not want the second-hand market to affect your profits, make games that players want to keep. But for non-Nintendo games then? We see dozens of FIFA on the Xbox or PlayStation shelves, and not one on Switch . I do not have a clear answer to provide here unfortunately, but I dare to say to myself that the concept of the console makes people adhere to all their games, to the point that they keep them purely and simply.

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Are we all concerned?

Reading this gallery, you may be going to say “but no me I already have 200 Switch games in my second-hand store next to my home! ”. In this case, we are really happy for you, and enjoy it because it is not everyone at all. We asked you |a question on Twitter almost a month ago, and the result is quite clear:

Are you having trouble finding used Nintendo Switch games right now?

Explain your answer if possible, with your preferred location/site for your Switch second-hand purchases

— Switch-Actu (@SwitchActu) February 11, 2018

Out of 153 people, only 38 have no difficulty buying used games on Nintendo Switch. For me in any case, my answer was the first of both: it is very difficult for me to find my happiness on occasion. I sometimes cross a 1-2 Switch, sometimes a Cars 3, but nothing of interesting. The photos below were taken by me, and summarize the state of the market well. Two Switch (photos taken a few weeks away), six games. Nothing more, nothing less. All this lost in the middle of the Wii and the 3DS .

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GameCash How to buy our second-hand games then?

But then how to do it? Do we have to buy new games? Fortunately, no. If physical stores do not have a large second-hand stock, there are ways to buy your games online, and used. Among these sites are obviously LeBonCoin or eBay, well-known platforms for sales among individuals. If the games are sometimes at a lower price, it is Not without risk: you may unfortunately end up with a game that, once you get home, does not work. Obviously, this remains relatively rare, and you can test the products before buying. But nothing is insured.

When you buy a used game in a specialty store type Micromania, you are assured that the game works. If by misfortune this one is not functional, a guarantee is provided for this. But as we said throughout this gallery, games are rare in shops. It may then be interesting to go through the websites of the resellers. For example, GameCash.fr , which is actually one of the only renowned retailers specialized in video games, if not the only one. Through their chain of stores, they have a stock that they pool on their site, allowing anyone to buy from home any game available in one of their store.

So it’s not obvious at all to find your second-hand Nintendo Switch games, even with online solutions that don’t necessarily include the best games in their stock. But the solutions exist in spite of everything and patience is also needed. Feel free to visit your favorite shops and marketplaces regularly to find your happiness.