Where can I find the publication of wedding bans?

A wedding is in profile, a wonderful day in perspective is coming! However, it is necessary to take administrative steps to the town halls, and wait for the publication of the bans for example.

What is a publication of the bans?

The publication of the bans is mandatory in France and allows the public announcement of a future marriage. This will allow all persons with a reason to oppose it to express themselves. If no objection is issued, the certificates of non-opposition will be attached to the file and the marriage may take place. Note that without these non-opposition documents the marriage cannot take place.

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Place of publication of bans and deadlines

The publication of the bans takes place in town hall either:

  • In the town hall of residence of the spouses, if they live together.
  • In each of the town halls of residence spouse, if they do not reside together.
  • If the future bride and groom choose to marry at the place of residence their parents, in this case it will be necessary to publish the bans in the parents’ mayor, but also in each mayor of residence of the spouses.

It will generally be advertised outside the town hall publicly in a place reserved for this purpose, so as to be legible and clear. The publication of the bans must be done within 10 days before the wedding , to allow time for those who want to oppose them to return.

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As you have seen, the publication of the bans is mandatory in Mary. However, some town halls make available on the internet, the last bans published as for the City Hall of Nice for example in PDF. But it’s not the majority , so if you’re looking to know, it is best to ask the groom directly.

Publication of Bans and Foreign Nationals

In the event that one of the bride and groom was not resident in France, the publication of the bans must be made compulsorily at the Embassy of France in the country where he usually resides, or at the consulate .

The mayor of the place of marriage will then have to contact one of the two agencies to see if the public announcement of the marriage has been made. And therefore, subsequently, recover the certificates of non-opposition to forward them to the marriage record.

Opposition to a marriage

Who can oppose marriage? It’s almost like a movie, but no, it’s reality and it helps protect every future groom. Following the publication of the bans here are the persons entitled to object:

  • The Public Prosecutor ‘s Office there is a suspicion of nullity.
  • The person who is already married to one of the future spouses.
  • Parents of the respective future bride and groom under any pretext.
  • Parents of a minor bride or groom, if the marriage has not been granted within the family circle.