When to go to Cape Verde?

Can we go to Cape? green all year round? Is it risky to go there at some times? Why is Cape Verde a destination that pleases so much?

What is so interesting about this destination? When to leave Cape Verde?

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What is the climate of Cape Verde?

Cape Verde’s climate is semi-desert. It is a climate in which winds are high with particularly arid temperatures. Geographically, Cape Verde is located a few hundred kilometers from the Senegalese coast. This is a particularly arid climate. Climate in a few words:

  • There is little rainfall throughout the year. We’re talking about less than 300 mm. This is the feature of the semi-desert climate.
  • Rain will be rare in coastal areas. On the other hand, they will be more present in the hills.
  • When is it raining in Cape Verde? Rains are rare, but occur in some months, including between August and October. The rainy season is very rare, it is a country that suffers from a very severe drought.
  • And the sun? The sun will shine for many hours, between 7 and 10 hours a day.
  • For winds, very little respite, they are violent throughout the year.
  • Is the water of Cape Verde fresh? Water averages 23 to 26 degrees Celsius throughout the year. For room temperature, the coolest months are from December to April. It will be between 20 and 25 degrees, while in May it will be between 25 and 30 degrees.

When should we go to Cape Verde?

When to go to the backpackers of Cape Verde? Going to Cape Verde when leaving is a good question! In general, you can go to Cape Verde all year round. The climate remains favorable. If you decide to visit Praia, know that throughout the year it is possible.

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Cape Verde Champs

However, the hottest months are from July to November. The temperatures remain very pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 27 to 31 degrees on average. It is also at this time that bathing is most favorable.

September is the rainiest month, that is, the most rainy month. Some thunderstorms can also occur.

Cape Verde is not the most touristic country on the planet. Due to its arid and dry climate, few visits are to be considered. On the other hand, there is still a budget. For example, an all-inclusive stay in Cape Verde will require an average cost of €1118 per week. If you decide to make the trip alone, individually, then the return flight will be 630€. For the average cost of a day on site, it is about 109€. What remains attractive in Cape Verde is its archipelago, where several visits can be made. The beauty of nature and landscapes will appeal to tourists who like to discover new places.

Hours of sunshine per day

When deciding to organize a trip so far, it is better to think about when to go to Cape Verde, because you can quickly be disappointed because of the climate of Cape Verde. It takes bad timing, a little rain and a temperature too high for the holiday to spoil quickly. When it comes to sun, it’s an important element to know when to leave Cape Verde, but you need to associate it with other criteria to make sure you choose the best period of Cape Verde.

Hours of sunshine per day

  • Between July and September, you have a little more than 5 hours a day of sunshine.
  • The number is close to 10 hours per day for the period from October to February.
  • However, the best time to go to Cape Verde focusing on this sun is March, April, May and June since you have more than 10 hours a day. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of the shelves and organize outdoor activities, which may not be the case if you are not looking when to go to Cape Verde Backpacker.

The sun is essential for a holiday as is the climate of Cape Verde, but it is also necessary to chase rain. This is often problematic because it prevents you from going out and enjoying your stay. For Cape Verde when you leave, you have 5 months to remember.

  • In February, June and August, statistics do not exceed 10 mm per day.
  • September becomes a little more problematic with 20 mm per day.
  • October is the rainiest month since you have almost 40 mm per day.

The other months are seductive, as there is sun and precipitation is practically non-existent. Knowing these two elements and the temperature Cape Verde November, you can quickly find out when to go to Cape Verde.

Some temperatures for your holiday.

Some temperatures for your holiday.

Rain is problematic, but temperatures when they are too high are also very complex to withstand. You can barely get out, you feel like you’re roasting on the spot. The December temperature of Cape Verde is pleasant with 26 degrees as the April temperature of Cape Verde or 29 degrees for the October temperature of Cape Verde. The climate in Cape Verde in November is practically the same as the climate in Cape Verde October.

If you are looking for the period when mercury is lowest, it is from january to april, but remember that the sun is not the best. So you need to study your needs and desires especially to find out whether the Cape Verde November climate, the Cape Verde April climate, the Cape Verde climate April temperature or whether the Cape Verde August climate meets your expectations. In addition, the climate of Cape Verde July is known to be ideal thanks to nature and landscapes. It would be a pity if the rain and heat disrupt your program, so it’s worth informing you about the climate in Cape Verde before leaving Cape Verde.

Now you know when to go to Cape Verde, it is probably wise to focus on some important items. In fact, administrative procedures are not very important, but you need to apply for a Cape Verde climate visa. As for the budget to predict the climate of Cape Verde November, it is quite small compared to other destinations much more expensive. A double room with bathroom is charged less than 50 euros. To eat in the climate of Cape Verde, the cost is five times lower.

Activities to be carried out in Cape Verde

The climate of Cape Verde is often conducive to any leisure, when preparing for your stay, so you need to dwell on the various proposals. You will then be attracted by the kindness of the population, but also by the dedication of the locals who absolutely wish to please you.

  • Sumptuous beaches await you in Praia, walks are usually very satisfying.
  • Mindelo is a town on the island of São Vicente, you will be filled with bars, restaurants and architecture of houses.
  • Cape Verde when you leave stretches your arms so that you are a fan of nature. So you can go to Santo Antao which has the peculiarity to be a very wooded destination.
  • The flowered gardens welcome you on the side of Brava. Guests can stroll through the fishing port, which is littered with unforgettable landscapes.
  • To discover Cape Verde in November, Cape Verde in April or Cape Verde in August, it is possible to go to Fogo, then you can contemplate the volcano. This is a must-see place for all travelers.

Some more information for your trip

Cape Verde’s climate is often conducive to walks throughout the year, so many travelers prefer this destination, accessible from Lisbon for example. Now you know when to go to Cape Verde thanks to our article, but it is also wise to dwell on the visa, which is essential even for the French. You can’t go to Cape Verde with only your ID card.

Some more information for your trip

As for Cape Verde’s budget in December or during the summer, it remains very affordable. It is worth around 50 euros for a room dedicated to two people with a bathroom of course. It is impossible not to taste culinary delicacies during your trip, it will be wise to also plan a budget for meals, but they are not exorbitant, because for about ten euros per person you will have the opportunity to sit in a family and renowned establishment. You can then enjoy a very famous dish, it’s cachupa.

If you are looking for when to leave Cape Verde, give preference to periods when the sea is quite calm. Indeed, the transport by boat to pass from one island to another will be very eventful because of a rough sea. This could cause a very damaging motion sickness for your holiday. On the islands, however, cars are largely set aside, you will have buses to facilitate your adventures from point to point. Two more precautions are important, it is better not to drink water directly from the tap and do not forget to remove the skin from fruits and vegetables.

What if you choose to go on a cruise?

You have decided to discover Cape Verde, but it is quite possible to continue your holiday with such a cruise. You will then be invited on the most beautiful boats that can accompany you to very pleasant destinations. If you are looking for when to cruise, be aware that it is necessary to take into account the city that will host you.

And if you choose to cruise

  • It is not enough to look at the weather in Cape Verde which can be your starting point, because with a boat, you can discover many places.
  • To find your cruise, you must provide your destination, departure period, port of departure and airline.
  • Within seconds, the best offers are available and rates are negotiated for you, this stay will be pleasant and affordable.
  • Cruising is not only popular with elderly people, as many tourists decide to opt for this means of transport.

You will be able to discover several cities and even a few countries over the next two weeks. It is also possible to choose the duration of this trip which should bring you a good dose of change whether you are alone, as a couple, with friends or family.

What criteria should be taken into account in Cape Verde?

If you intend to choose this destination for your next holiday, you should be vigilant. Some periods are more favourable than others, such as the end and beginning of the year. The months that correspond to our summer in France are not the best for a holiday in Cape Verde due to the rainy season. You must then examine several criteria before closing your bags and validate your flight tickets.

  • Don’t forget to ask for water temperature especially if you want to swim or enjoy water activities.
  • The beach and swimming will not be considered between August and September for example .
  • The temperature of the environment should also be taken into account, since it is always unpleasant to have moisture and bad weather.
  • Rainy days should not be set aside, as activities can be canceled due to conditions.
  • The dry season will then be adapted to all activities such as hiking.
  • For water lovers, you can also find out about diving.

For Cape Verde, hiking is also possible throughout the year even during the rainy season. However, you will need to arrange an appropriate outfit and inquire on-site about the actual conditions. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, it is always recommended to be accompanied by a professional. It can also help you discover the surroundings in the best conditions. Now you know that your holiday should be scheduled between October and May, so you can have a beautiful sun and pleasant weather conditions. Indeed, between July and the beginning of October, the weather is much more humid and rainfall remains numerous.

A flight long enough to go to Cape Verde

Fairly long flight for Cape Verde

If you don’t like flying, this isn’t necessarily the most exciting destination. Of course, you don’t have to spend more than 10 hours behind the window, but it takes almost 6 hours to reach Cape Verde. Be careful when searching for the duration, as several information can be provided through travel sites.

  • Indeed, you have the time spent on your trip, so you have to take into account the stops and waiting at airports .
  • Some flights are not direct, so you will have to wait a few hours sometimes and the duration will be important.
  • Others offer only the duration of the flight to Cape Verde without any information on waiting time.
  • Therefore, be vigilant enough during your research, as you may be surprised.

When a, including a comparator of plane tickets, announce a day for this trip, you will not spend 24 hours on your behalf. Take into account the waiting time and travel time to get to your destination by juggling multiple connections. Sometimes, for some destinations, the waiting time is longer than the flight time.