What to visit in Guadeloupe ?

Among all the overseas territories that France has under its administrative dome are Guadeloupe . It is a star pearl of the West Indies where you enjoy the beaches and the warm Creole atmosphere, as enjoyable as it is incomparable.

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Being an island in the middle of the West Indies, Guadeloupe has been under the aegis of French settlers and has remained so to the present day, inevitably because of its irresistible charm that keeps captivating visitors and curious visitors. This land located in the West Indies contains many secrets that only need to be revealed.

The irresistible charm of Guadeloupe

Access to overseas departments is very easy from the Metropolis, at rates very reasonable in the low season, but can climb easily during certain periods of the year. Feel free to make a price comparison before booking your flight Be aware that it will take several hours to arrive in the Caribbean.

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In Guadeloupe , the hotels are splendid with grounds spread over hectares, offering the pleasure of beautiful swimming pools, playgrounds, golf, tennis and more. A tour package is the ideal option for a stay on this island including hotel, catering and car rental on site, a very convenient means of transportation on the island.

On the menu: excursions and discoveries

On the menu, countless excursions are possible, provided you reserve places at the Preliminary, because although Guadeloupe offers the joy of swimming in the purest beaches of the West Indies, places like the national park of the island really remain the embodiment of the wild beauty and the vegetal and animal riches that this department has.

To dive deeper into the history of this island lost in the Pacific, you must never forget to take a break at Kreol West Indies. It will allow you to access a dozen exhibitions, art galleries, mythical objects and impressive collections that testify to Guadeloupe’s history and heritage.

The Kreo West Indies is an opportunity to enjoy the shops while enjoying art and culture with museums and art galleries on display in the middle of this place.

For a very affordable price, Guadeloupe is a paradise that will be at your fingertips as soon as you set foot there with cultural, artistic and exotic surprises, which will make your stay a true paradise experience. Pack your luggage in summer and discover one of the most sensational and warmest overseas departments in the French empiry.