What tights to wear in autumn?

Autumn is well among us: we spring coat, down jacket or cape as well as the whole range of autumn dresses and skirts! No gambettes in the air without tights (otherwise it’s in direct bed!) Valérie Fievet, fashion coach, shares her tips to choose your tights and have fun with this accessory!

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The most difficult before you even think about what you’re going to match it with is to choose it right! Too small he will go down all day and too big he may wrinkle on your lap!

How to choose your tights correctly?

Good tights are above all comfortable. You need to feel perfectly comfortable at the gusset of the crotch . As for the size normally, the weight/size indications on the back of the box allow you to find the right size.

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For my part, I often recommend tights of the brand Well that has had the right idea to take into account our morphology!

Regular, form or slim? This is an interesting choice because we do not all have the same shape of legs (thin legs, strong calves, round thighs) and not all the same size!

The secret of the right tights? It’s all in the waist!

What “denier” to choose for these tights?

The number of denier is a measure that corresponds to a unit of weight. The higher the number of denier, the stronger the sticky tone will be .

So if you’re the “hurry” type when you put on your tights, take at least 20 denier.

material point of view, you are spoiled for choice here too; veil, foam, lycra, wool,… From a It all depends on your chilliness and the use you are going to make of it.

Pretty black or color?

Both my captain! The tights are a great accessory to boost your outfits. We forget it regularly!

I explains to me, your famous little black dress with black tights or colored tights allow you to adopt 2 different styles.

For black tights, no question to ask, it is one of the essential basics. In tone on tone, it lengthens your figure and curves the leg. This is the advantage of the black tights it is worn with everything .

If it seems a bit boring, opt for a little chic and elegant touch with patterns: feathers, fishnet, diamond, zigzag…

Black tights: a safe value in your dressing room.

With coloured tights, you can also try tone on tone , the same color as your dress, skirt or other big piece like your coat.

If you don’t find exactly the same shade, choose the one closest to your outfit a note above or below.

The goal is to be in Identical tones so as not to swear or cut your figure.

Remains the crucial choice of shoes! Either you take a color present as a whole, or you adopt black or brown.

Three colors no more for a beautiful harmony

If you want to wake up your style, dare the flashy pantyhose peeling yellow, purple, intense red, electric blue, fuchsia… Make it the centerpiece of your look! In this case be sober on the rest of your outfit and just make a little reminder of color with your jewelry.

Play with colors, patterns and textures, it would still be a shame to spend all winter in pants… Pretty sticky black or color this fall?