What size for a pool?

How to choose the ideal size of your pool?

Choosing the size of your pool is not obvious and we are aware of it. Depending on your choice, features such as bathing comfort, budget or shape will change. In order to determine the ideal size of your pool, it is imperative to follow 3 steps.

3 crucial steps:

Choose the location and measure the space of your available terrain

Before thinking about buying a swimming pool, you need to be careful and check that your land offers you enough room to install it. To do this, choose the exact place where you visualize your future pool. Once done, measure this location and then consider leaving 1 metre between the location of your future basin and other surrounding structures. Avoid locating your future pool close to roots trees and plants that could pierce the your pool or lift it. In addition, the leaves of these plants may pollute the pool and thus dirty it. Also be sure to choose a flat terrain, without underground power lines or pits.

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Choosing the right size

Once the location is selected and after viewing the available size of your land, you can then focus on choosing the size of your future pond. For this it is necessary to take into account 2 essential things: its shape and height. You should know that round pools do not exceed 10 meters in diameter, so if you want a larger pool, think about rectangular pools that can reach 18 meters long and 1.5 meters in height (starting from the ground). Both round and rectangular pools have their strengths:

  • Round Pools: Easy to install, offer superior water capacity to rectangular pools
  • Swimming pools Rectangular: Optimize the available space in your garden, more suitable for swimming and water games than round pools

Choosing the type of pool

Depends on the material & model according to your previous choice Depends on budget (fits according to desired materials: wood/composite/steel…) Use? if your pool has just an aesthetic and decorative function and you just think “dip” a few days in the year, a mini-pool will be perfect. To swim, choose a longer pool and to satisfy both young and old, opt for a double depth pool. Tips:

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  • Before investing in a pool, make sure these steps are validated.
  • Carrying out a concrete slab, mandatory on large wooden models (can be a constraint).
  • If you do not want to install a concrete slab, we advise you to choose a model of lower size.

To make your choice, find all our models of above ground pools on the dedicated radius.