What size for a first bra?

In the field of the sale of lingerie, there are bras intended for the use of little girls from the age of 8. That’s why many mothers are wondering about the appropriate age to buy their first bra from their daughter. In reality, you will see that everything depends on your little girl, her advancement and her desires as well!

What do doctors advocate?

On average, girls begin to wear their bra at the beginning of puberty. This usually occurs around the age of 11. But it’s not universal. It is not age that defines the wearing of this accessory, it is according to the girl’s physical transformation. Some teenage girls are looking forward to wearing a bra . They identify with their elders.

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That is why as soon as their breasts appear, they can ask their mothers to buy. In this case, wearing this accessory does not meet a physical need but rather to envy. They want to look like older girls, and that’s normal! According to doctors, wearing a bra is required only from the B cap. Before this size, wearing this lingerie is not mandatory and most importantly is useless.

How do I know it’s time to put on a bra to your daughter?

Addressing the subject of bras can be tricky, especially between a mother and her teenage daughter. But to find out whether wearing this accessory became necessary, one should not refer to age. You will have to be tactful and observe the behavior of your little girl. If you notice that your daughter’s chest corresponds to a B cap, then it will be time to buy a bra.

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To the extent that you have difficulty finding yourself, it will be necessary to measure the size of his chest. If you feel that your daughter feels uncomfortable when she approaches the topic with you, ask someone she trusts to discuss it with her. Be aware, however, that usually young girls are looking forward to wearing a bra when it’s not necessarily necessary!

Wearing the first bra does not depend on age. Rather, it is fixed according to the evolution of the girl’s chest and especially her desires. To get out of play!