What luminaire for a dining room?

The dining room is the most friendly room that needs a decor very well thought out and created according to the needs of the family. To create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere in your dining room, you may need to specify the lighting — whether it will be done by a single luminaire or if you put a central source that will illuminate the table and some other softer light sources. The second variant is better because of the possibilities it gives to adapt the light to the desired atmosphere and make the room more romantic. You also have another possibility — lighting with a few lamps arranged close to each other for a greater aesthetic effect. As for different lighting styles — it all depends on your taste and interior design and you can choose from several unique lighting fixtures — crystal, modern lamps, Scandinavian pendant lamps etc.

So now let’s try to figure out which dining room luminaire is best for you! Undoubtedly the lamp placed or suspended above the table has great importance for the atmosphere of space. You want to feel comfortable and take your meals without being bothered by too bright lighting or on the other hand — too low. For cases where you want a more discreet light you can use the complementary light sources. But the general source must be quite powerful without dazzling you. Another important feature is the distance between a suspension and the table, to enjoy good quality light you need to provide at least 90 centimeters of distance. Consider that if you take a luminaire whose bulbs illuminate downwards, it is the table that will be better. illuminated and if the bulbs illuminate upwards, the light will spread everywhere.

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Now take a look at the gallery with fixtures of all styles and discover our beautiful ideas for dining room luminaire.

The dining room luminaire is a key element that puts the final accent of your interior. You see in the photo below a modern candlestick that brings notes of industrial rustic charm. On the pages of this online store you will find the offer chandelier candle in its thousand variants. Candle shaped bulbs will illuminate your home with antique notes and create a romantic atmosphere.

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Industrial rustic dining room luminaire. Add vintage chic notes to your home!

In a room Eating rustic or countryside we want more warmth and authenticity. A dining room luminaire with braided lampshade makes a beautiful accent for this type of interior

Hanging Dining Room Luminaire Near Table for Contemporary Dining Rooms

Chandelier candle in wrought iron. To create this atmosphere, and if you admire this style, visit the online store

Idea to copy — Baroque touches and industrial rustic ceiling light that makes a beautiful contrast to the wooden table

A large cage with candle bulbs hanging above the table. It increases the feeling of space and brightness

On the pages of this online store you can buy all the variants of the copper suspension which is super trendy now. This lamp is obviously a very decorative accent and blends well with monochrome or pastel interiors

The rattan or bamboo pendant lamps give a touch of nature in the contemporary interior. Find here pretty proposals that combine the authenticity of the material with modern design

A trend to adopt in loft-style dining rooms — oversized factory lamps. Only for spacious rooms!

Solution for the bravest — loft interior industrial with low suspensions near the table

The warm appearance of the wood combines well with the color of this pendant lamp

Find here this black ball pendant

Wood and White is our favorite decor!

Simple and modest but very welcoming — warm chalet style interior


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Blown Glass Ball Pendant

Suspensions ceramic imitating origami lamps

The design of Scandinavian lamps is becoming increasingly popular in contemporary dining rooms. Interior designers appreciate the aesthetics and practicality of this simple and beautiful lamp

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Suspensions élégantes pour votre salle à manger

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