What is the best chatbot?

How does a chatbot work? What is a messenger bot? What does a bot do? These questions are answered by the best chatbots we’ve put together for you. The hype around chatbot has given way to reality. Companies pay close attention to the added value that automation of dialogue, the core of every chatbot, delivers. Companies such as Bayer, Nestlé, BMW or Migros use chatbots in three major topics: marketing, consulting, and staff/HR.

In general, the trend in chatbot and messenger bot is towards simple but effective chatbot solutions for customer communication rather than AI-powered chatbots that most companies can’t afford anyway. Keywords are pre-qualification, first level support or handing over a customer request to a human colleague.

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In short: the best chatbots

  • Bayer Chatbot: Facebook Messenger Bot “Dina” playfully advises young people on love & sex
  • Gamescom chatbot: WhatsApp Bot “Gamebot” supports visitors with important information in advance and during the event
  • Vonovia Chatbot: “Jonas”, the WhatApp Bot provides support to tenants and apartment seekers alike
  • Nestlé Chatbot: WhatsApp Chatbot by Healthier Kids gives parents nutrition tips for parents for parents
  • Chatbot from BMW : Customers can find out the repair status of their car at any time via “Follow Now” WhatsApp Bot
  • Women’s Best chatbot: The chatbot pre-qualifies customer inquiries via messenger and hands over to a human colleague
  • Chatbot from Telekom : WhatsApp Bot “Arnie” adds more content to Messenger storytelling campaign
  • Chatbot by Migros : “Mino”, the WhatsApp Bot, helps teenagers find apprenticeships with jobs and event tips
  • HUAWEI chatbot: The WhatsApp chatbot HiRobot helps customers solve problems with their smartphone
  • Chatbot by Liebscher & Bracht : “Hugo”, the WhatsApp bot, collects the type and location of pain based on user information and offers tips
  • Chatbot from Bandel Automobiltechnik : “Ricky”, the WhatsApp Bot provides customers with the company information they are interested in

1. Bayer’s yourLife chatbot advises teenagers on sex and contraception

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The goal of the chatbot: Bayer’s YourLife Facebook Messenger chatbot tries to bring the topics of sex, love and contraception to young people in a playful and personal way, and also learn them about dangers enlighten.

Virtual Assistant Topic Area: Marketing

Description of chatbot: Dina, the chatbot, guides you through the conversation and tells you about his experiences in love and sex, but also queries them from you. Depending on what answer you give, further dialogue with Dina develops.

Conclusion: take a little time and talk to Dina. It’s super easy and feels good!


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How companies use chatbots in first-level support

Chatbots – Everything you need to know!

Review: WUMMM Messenger Marketing Masterclass vol. 2 2. Gamescom’s gamesbot supports visitors before and during the trade fair

The aim of Chatbots: Gamescom’s WhatsApp chatbot, the “gamesbot”, supports visitors to the world’s largest gaming trade fair in their preparation (description of how to get there, buy tickets, etc.) and provides them with important information on site.

Virtual Assistant Subject Area: Consulting

Description of the chatbot: WhatsApp bot “Gamesbot” will first take you to its menu, where you can find out everything important for your preparation and stay at Gamescom when you type in each letter.

Conclusion: clear and clear, no frills. The gamesbot focuses on the essentials and guides the gamescom participant to the information relevant to them.

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3. Jonas, Vonovia’s WhatsApp bot, provides support to tenants and apartment seekers

The goal of the chatbot: Jonas, the WhatsApp bot from the housing association Vonovia, first pre-qualifies your customer request according to the topics of housing or parking space search and tenancy. If you choose the former, your expectations are queried by search criteria and narrowed down further, for example by specifying the location, the search radius in km, the type of accommodation (apartment, house, etc.) and you will receive suitable offers for you at the end of the day.

Virtual Assistant Subject Area: Consulting

Description of chatbot: Potential tenants of parking spaces or apartments are guided through the dialogue based on known criteria such as location information, etc. until Jonas for the corresponding search yields results.

Conclusion: Simple but effective WhatsApp bot that helps interested parties and customers find an apartment or similar via messenger.

4. Nestlé’s WhatsApp chatbot Healthier Kids advises parents on how to feed their children

The goal of the chatbot: Healthier Kids gives nutrition tips for children from parents for parents. The WhatsApp bot queries the mother’s or father’s name, then the child’s age and the child’s degree (school or kindergarten). Suitable tips for parents are put together from this.

Virtual Assistant Topic Area: Marketing

Description of the chatbot: Parents receive tips for their children’s optimal nutrition via WhatsApp chatbot.

Conclusion: low-threshold bot on WhatsApp based on of few queries that parents give valuable nutrition tips for their children. The exciting thing about this WhatsApp bot is that it repeatedly re-engages users within 24 hours, so that the loyalty to users is maintained. This allows the chatbot to continue to push relevant content to its users.

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“ 5. BMW’s FollowNow chatbot offers customers real-time service to repair status of their cars

The goal of the chatbot: BMW with #FollowNow chatbot The FollowNow WhatsApp Bot is intended to help customers find themselves at any time via be able to inform the repair status of your car regardless of email or phone. The FollowNow bot relieves customer service in first-level support, which gives it more time for more complex customer inquiries.

Virtual Assistant Topic Area: Customer Service

Chatbot description: Follow Now via WhatsApp provides customers with automated customer service that effectively informs them about the status of repairing their cars.

Conclusion: Effective bot on WhatsApp, which includes scheduling in addition to pre-qualifying the customer request. Exciting because many customers take advantage of this opportunity and do without calls, which greatly relieves customer service.

Tip: In our case study “BMW: 60% fewer calls through WhatsApp service”, you can find out how BMW easily automates its workshop customer service.

6. The Bot from Women’s Best takes care of pre-qualification of customer inquiries

The goal of the chatbot: Women’s Best offers advice and customer service with WhatsApp or via Apple Business Chat. The bot pre-qualifies customer inquiries via messenger by querying language, country, name and email address. He then hands over to a human colleague who processes and resolves the customer request.

Virtual Assistant Topic Area: Customer Service

Chatbot description: Automated pre-qualification that effectively complements human customer service.

Conclusion: Prequalification pays off: With the handover to the Women’s Best Expert, she already knows who she’s talking to for a long time.

Tip: Download our exclusive case study now: How Women’s Best with Messenger service its customers twice as fast

offers 7. Arnie, Telekom’s chatbot, adds Elm & Yardim to WhatsApp storytelling campaign

The goal of the chatbot: Arnie, the WhatsApp chatbot, provides additional content as part of Telekom’s storytelling campaign, such as further spots with the two testimonials Christian Ulmen and Fahrid Yardim. The user can be an “eyewitness” in conversations between the two protagonists who talk about their advertising contracts in an entertaining way.

Virtual Assistant Type: Marketing

Description of the chatbot: Offers additional content for daily conversations, such as spots, if desired.

The campaign is over. But here are some impressions of how it went.

Conclusion: This innovative way of WhatsApp storytelling worked really well. Engagement was four times higher than on Facebook and there was over 3,000 hours of interaction!

Tip: Storytelling via Messenger was not only entertaining, but was also awarded: “The World’s First Interactive WhatsApp Comedy Series” is one of four award-winning messenger campaigns in 2019.

8. Mino, Migros WhatsApp Bot helps teenagers find apprenticeships

The goal of the chatbot: Mino, Migros’s WhatsApp bot, helps young people find apprenticeships by either showing them suitable jobs, pointing them to job fairs near them, and giving tips on how to search for jobs.

Type of virtual assistant: HR/HR — Apprenticeship seekers receive information for their job search quickly and easily.

Description of the chatbot: Mino supports job seekers around apprenticeship search fun and contemporary style with job offers and event tips. First, he queries the name, leisure time, and emoji type. Then the job seeker has the option of setting an appointment or event tip.

Conclusion: The little dinosaur Mino helps apprenticeship seekers in a fun way.

9. HiRobot, WhatsApp Chatbot from HUAWEI helps customers find the best point of contact

The goal of the chatbot: HiRobot, HUAWEI’s WhatsApp bot, helps customers solve problems with their HUAWEI smartphone. After the customer has been pre-qualified, HiRobot hands over to a human colleague from customer service.

Virtual Assistant Topic Area: Customer Service

Chatbot description: HiRobot is effective because it accepts the customer request in first level support qualified and then handed over to the right customer service colleague.

Conclusion: HiRobot is an important part of the HUAWEI support team for handling customer inquiries quickly and effectively.

PS: AndroidPIT has extensively tested customer service via WhatsApp from HUAWEI Service: Tried customer service: Huawei is so patient in the new WhatsApp chat.

10. Hugo, the WhatsApp chatbot from Liebscher & Bracht recommends the right exercise in case of pain

The goal of the chatbot: Hugo, is the name of Liebscher & Bracht’s virtual pain assistant, who helps people with a wide range of exercises to relieve physical pain. Hugo records the nature and location of the pain in several steps based on the user’s information.

Virtual Assistant subject area:

Description of the chatbot:advice Hugo, the WhatsApp bot, takes the user through menu and commands to the point where it becomes clear what kind of pain it is. He then directs the user to the appropriate exercise on YouTube, which guides him and should ease the pain in the long term.

Conclusion: Hugo is a virtual assistant that efficiently and quickly helps its users ease their pain.

Tip: Learn how Liebscher & Bracht processes thousands of requests per day quickly, qualified and personally in our case study.

11.Ricky, Bandel Automobiltechnik’s WhatsApp bot, directs customers to the right information

The goal of the chatbot: Ricky is Bandel Automobiltechnik’s WhatsApp chatbot. He not only introduces the company to customers via WhatsApp but provides them with exactly the information they are interested in.

Virtual Assistant Topic Area: Customer Service

Chatbot description: Ricky has everything customers might be interested in. Customers can order spare parts immediately via the menu and numbers command. After this pre-qualification, Ricky hands over to a human colleague.

Conclusion: Ricky is doing a great job. This example also shows that smaller companies can also use messenger chatbots and use them effectively.

Tip: If you’ve become curious now and want to create a chatbot, we recommend our free chatbot builder, which allows you to build simple but effective chatbots or virtual assistants for your customer communication in a short time without any programming knowledge.

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