What flowers for a wedding anniversary ?

Celebrating 50 years of marriage is so romantic! This day deserves a simply unique bouquet of flowers. Whether you want to offer a bouquet of flowers to the chosen one of your heart for your 50th anniversary of marriage or to a couple celebrating 50 years of marriage, the choice must be carefully considered.

Indeed, to celebrate 50 years of marriage, you must have spent half a century with its tender half and we must admit that it is increasingly rare nowadays. People marry much less young than before and much less everything runs. Also, more and more divorces are noted.

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If you are celebrating 50 years of marriage it is because you have found a golden woman, so the bouquet of flowers for 50 years of wedding must be perfect!

Find out which flowers you need to choose to celebrate this special occasion.

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50 years of marriage: Golden wedding.

Who says 50 years of marriage says… Golden wedding! According to a Chinese proverb, “true gold is not afraid of fire.” And for good reason, a couple that lasts 50 years is a couple who is not afraid of anything because their love is so strong that they have been able to face life’s difficulties with fierce and has been able to keep the flame of love intact, all these years.

By the way, you will notice that the wedding rings of lovers are in most cases gold and this is no coincidence. Gold is stainless despite the passing time and symbolizes the eternal love of the couple.

A couple celebrating 50 years of marriage is simply a couple who carries in their heart a love as solid and precious as gold.

How do we celebrate the golden wedding?

The golden wedding usually celebrates as a family. In this way, spouses can share the beautiful story of their meeting with their children and grandchildren. It is also an opportunity to bring out the photos of their wedding.

Good to know:

Do you know that in some municipalities, gold (and diamond) wedding is celebrated at the municipal level? Indeed, the mayor gives a medal, a diploma and a small gift to the happy spouses. But to do so, you have to file a file in town hall at least two months before the celebration.

Beautiful flowers for a woman in gold

For the golden wedding, a golden woman deserves a magnificent bouquet of flowers. So we opt for yellow or orange roses and why not violets, with if possible some small golden decorations and/or golden packaging to remind the theme of the golden wedding.

Yellow and orange roses symbolize a long and happy wedding. In addition, they represent the inner beauty that is as vivid as the shine of the sun. Also, their sweet fragrance reminiscent of the sweetness of love in the couple.

But if the chosen one of your heart prefers Roses of another color such as red roses or white roses, do not hesitate to offer them because roses generally symbolize unconditional love.

As for violets, be aware that this is a very good choice because they symbolize fidelity, commitment, humility, modesty and virtue. Moreover, they represent a lasting union.

Also, according to legend, when Josephine married Napoleon, she wore a necklace of violets. Since then, on every wedding anniversary, Napoleon offered him a beautiful bouquet of violets.

Also, as it is the golden wedding, do not hesitate to attach to your bouquet of flowers, an extra gift for your darling. Think about the gold jewelry that seem most appropriate for this event.

Necklaces and earrings are usually highly appreciated by ladies. For the chosen one of your heart, you Can offer gold cufflinks, this gift is very original and will undoubtedly make its effect.

For small budgets, know that Hipper.com offers you a free greeting card delivered with the bouquet of your choice and the possibility to attach to the bouquet you want to offer, a modern vase for your flowers, available in several colors: lime, purple, cherry, blue, red, yellow, or clear glass. Yours the choice!

The golden wedding is a magical event that reminds you of the long way you have walked together hand in hand and the immense happiness of always having at your side the chosen one of your heart.

So offer the most beautiful bouquets to your tender half and remember to renew your best wishes of love at every wedding anniversary.

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