What does : remushroom mean ?

The French language is a beautiful language with multiple derivatives, it offers technical terms according to the field in which we are located. When it comes to decorative painting, the verb remushroom is often used, which means decorating by distinguishing an ornament on the background. In other words, rehaping is to make appear a molding or a decoration of the background on which they are placed, this can be done in two ways: either by raising their contour, or by associating one or more colors different from that of the background. In plain terms, it is about enhancing or giving life to a space that became commonplace and whatever.

How to make a remushroom?

In general, to carry out a renovation, you need a refungering brush and paint. This is a task that can be relatively difficult to practice since it requires a minimum of technicality and know-how nevertheless, failing to resort to a professional, one can itself undertake these beautification works. The methods may vary depending on whether you perform a remushroom on a wall or ceiling, on a door or a window; however, certain rules apply during all work.

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a wall or ceiling

First of all, we have to prepare the room that is to say emptying it, grouping things that cannot be moved and cover them with a tarpaulin, also protect the floor and woodwork to limit the risk of tasks. To make a rechampi on a painted wall or ceiling, it is necessary to clean the entire surface, dust it or wash it if necessary (there are non-rinsing detergents for this type of work); Refungus also need preparation.

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At the outset, the corners of the wall or ceiling should be cleared, then dip one-third of the bristles of the brush and gently turn it over the grid to spread the paint over all the bristles. Start from an angle of the workpiece according to your position, release the angle 6-10 cm wide for almost 2 m linear, keep the brush and fill the surface with a roller, then continue the rechampi that will advance as the work progresses.

a door or a window

When it comes to the door, it is advisable to start by painting the headbands using a refungus brush. Make two coats of paint and wait until it dries completely to use the knife to be applied to protect the moldings and then clear the corners with a brush. You can continue by filling the drawn places with a roller lacquer to put a thin layer of paint before applying a second layer. As for the windows, it is a question of directly painting the moldings with a brush to scrub while slightly overflowing over the glass, you can make the uprights with a flat brush. Adjust and clean the curbs and glass when the paint is dried up.