What bag with a white dress?

Favorite color of fashionistas this year, purple is absolutely everywhere on the canvas and catwalks: slip dress, tank top, suit, and, of course, dress.

Sparkling, chic and bright, the purple dress is THE piece to offer to be trendy this season.

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Discover all our tips on how to wear the purple dress well in this article.

How to choose her purple dress?

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To the kingdom dresses, as you know, the choice is often much wider than one would like, and a fortiori regarding ultra-trendy pieces such as the purple dress . A few tips to guide your choice.

What shade of purple to adopt?

First question that arises: the shade of purple on which you will crack. From lilac to violet, purple, parma and indigo, all shades of purple are canons, so it’s your complexion and tastes that will have to guide you .

Feel free to try several colors to find out which one compliments your complexion the most.

Apart from this, be aware that light shades of purple such as lilac, mauve, parma or lavender purple are more to wear in the summer, while darker shades (electric purple, purple, amethyst, indigo, etc.) are rather made for the winter.

Trendy cuts at the moment

Among the stars of the moment are obviously the flowing long dress, bohemian and chic to wish, which simply becomes wonderful when adorned with a beautiful floral pattern in purple tones .

We also love the delicate and romantic empire dress, the classic straight dress of course, as well as the purple ruffled dress , which is a must-have of summer.

If you are looking for a trendy dress, we recommend the purple dress with balloon sleeves or shoulders, two cuts that can be seen everywhere right now.

For sure, turn to the skater dress, floral print dress, short long sleeve dress, midi dress, off-shoulder dress, or short dress satin.

How to wear your purple dress to be stylish?

Wear a strong color like purple can sometimes be a little daunting: what colors to wear with? What shoes? What jacket? Here are our tips .

The colors that match with purple

If you are looking for an easy look with a purple dress , bet on neutral colors such as beige, pearl grey, white, nude, black, anthracite grey, etc.

You will see that neutral hues assemble the purple dress , making it easier to wear on a daily basis.

However, if the color does not scare you, do not hesitate to associate your purple dress with touches of flashy colors : lemon yellow, orange, fuchsia pink, green, red, blue… surprisingly with a lot of colors.

Finally, if you love purple, try yourself in the camaieu look : a parma dress, plum pumps and a purple bag will make a very beautiful feminine and glamorous outfit!

What jacket with a purple dress?

To choose which jacket to wear with your purple dress , take first of all into account the style of your dress and your morphology, these are the most important criteria.

Depending on your look, a jacket, a blazer, a denim jacket, a trench coat or even a pretty Saharan can quite work! In terms of colors, the wiser is to stay on classics: denim blue, black, beige, etc.

What shoes to wear?

@Glamour In the shoe department, it all depends once again on your tastes and style.

  • Pumps are always a good option with a purple dress , and we love animal-print models (python, leopard or zebra), which will bring a beautiful fashion note to your dress.
  • Flat or heeled sandals also work very well, we are completely fan of the combination of purple dress — silver sandals (a perfect look for a wedding by the way).
  • Finally, the looks based on flowing purple dress and fashion sneakers are always relevant , and perfect for a very modern casual-chic outfit.

What manicure with purple?

Sometimes we tend to forget it, but your manicure is entirely part of your look @Pinterest ! When wearing a strong color like purple, it is important not to do any what level nails to avoid fashion fake steps!

So it is recommended to stay on the classics of the genre: a nude, French or a beautiful red manicure. You can also wear a nice burgundy varnish if your purple dress is rather dark .

Avoid colourful nail arts!

Mistakes to avoid with a purple dress

We end with a list of mistakes to avoid in order to wear the purple dress , a list that we hope (almost) exhaustive.

  • Choose the shade of purple to avoid tarnishing your complexion.
  • Opt for a dress cut that will enhance your body shape.
  • Pair purple with other colors yes, but no more than 3 at a time and not any.
  • Give preference to neutral and classic colors to be sure to succeed in your chic look in a purple dress .
  • Choosing your varnish color to avoid mismatched and mismatched combinations.