What are the best brands of men’s shoes?

Can we say that some brands of men’s shoes are better than others and how do they manage to stand out? In shoe fashion, the market offers a wide choice in terms of styles, materials, foreign manufacture, various variations of models, that each brand must succeed in creating its own style to be competitive and gain visibility with buyers. However, how can one explain what makes one brand better than others? Is it about comfort felt on the feet, a brand’s own style, the qualities of the materials used,…? The competition in this market is very dynamic with an incredible number of competitors, yet some brands manage to pull their pins out of the game.

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Established and well-defined competition between trademarks

First of all, each shoe brand targets a type of customers and types of products for sale. For example, brands of sneakers make only a unique product, pairs of sneakers and their variations for the city, sneakers . However, they target a very wide audience ranging from the size of baby’s feet to children, women and men. All shoe brands combined must position themselves on typical shoe categories to be visible on the market. It is within a product category that brands can compete strongly to take theleadby offering quality shoes, withinnovative materials, Attractive designs and striking communication. For men, some brands have fully invested themselves in this male target with highly qualitative products at very competitive prices. Finsbury , for example, has managed to establish itself as the reference brand for stylish men thanks to its exceptional craftsmanship and products of a fine and very careful quality.

How to define that a brand of shoes is better than others?

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Several criteria allow to judge a shoe brand by its positioning. In general, low-end to high-end shoes do not display the same prices and qualities of materials and finishing. Entry-level footwear has an acceptable quality with forms worked to a minimum. By buying a pair of shoes from a superior or high-end range, leather is often used and it is chosen according to its quality. The fittings are neat, the linings are made in calf or pig skin according to the brands. Shoes can also be made of noble materials like the case of leading luxury brands. Some brands will work the image of their product by developing a strong quality such as comfort, elegance, or urban sportwear to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The best brands of men’s shoes are distinguished by the quality of the materials used, the care they bring to the finishes and details of their products, the developed development of their own recognizable style among many others. A brand becomes the best when it specializes in a category of footwear by developing its know-how and its own image .