Three “old school” shoes that return to fashion

This winter, the tendency is to nostalgia if you believe what we see in the shop windows. It’s time to find looks that we hadn’t seen since the 60s for some of them. This is the case of shoes, which will be very “old school” this winter for the delight of lovers of vintage style. Here’s what it is absolutely necessary to have in his wardrobe.

Sixties high boots

This year, the fashion of the 60s is in the spotlight, and great designers do not hesitate to surf the trend. This is the case of Tommy Hilfiger house who released a collection of shoes in this style. This is the case with the famous boots-sock with flared square heel. Wear them as well with pants only with a skirt or dress. Not only are they warm, but they refine the foot and silhouette. This is the essential of this winter if you want to have style and feel on the street.

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Fur shoes

A great winter classic, the stuffed shoe is essential to keep your feet warm. That all those who are against the exploitation of furry animals, most creators use synthetic material. There are those that are discreet and are only stuffed inside and then those for eccentric ones that look like the models worn in the Far North.

Good old docs

Doc Martens shoes have become a very classic. Originally, they were designed to have orthopedic qualities. Gradually, the coded models are used on construction sites in the building. In the 80s, they became the symbol of punk culture and have remained fashionable since then to the point of becoming one of the indispensable elements to have in her wardrobe . When well maintained, they have an impressive lifespan.

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