Thermostat 7 degrees: equivalence

What is the equivalence of the thermostat 7 in degrees Celsius? To be sure to succeed your cooking recipes without being mistaken, follow the guide. We review for you all the temperature equivalences for your baking recipes. And as a bonus, some recipe ideas to feast with family or friends…

Baking oven: convert a thermostat 7 degrees Celsius

All recipes are good to take! You chose the one that will bring together tastes but the recipe gives you the cooking temperature in thermostat? Simple equivalencies exist. A thermostat 7 corresponds to 210°Celsius or 410 °Fahrenheit. You can now adjust your cooking power according to your oven model.

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To convert to degrees Celsius, there is a very simple trick. It is enough to take the given power of the thermostat and multiply it by 30.

Thermostat power 7:7 x 30 = 210 °C

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Oven Powers to Know for Your Recipes

Your recipes may indicate a more or less important sweetness.

  • A warm oven corresponds to a very mild temperature: thermostat 1 (30° C or 85° F)
  • A soft oven corresponds to a mild temperature: thermostat 2 to 4 (60°C to 120°C or 140°F to 250°F)
  • An average oven corresponds to an average temperature: thermostat 5 and 6 (150° C and 180° C or 300° F and 350° F)
  • A hot or strong oven corresponds to a high temperature: thermostat 7 (210° C or 410° F)
  • Finally, a very Warm corresponds to a thermostat 8 or 9 (240 °C or 270 °C).

With this trick in stock, you can now prepare excellent dishes for your guests. And everyone can participate, women, men and children: all the fun of cooking is in the shared moment.

A few ideas for thermostat recipes 7 or 210 °C/410 °F

Whether it’s for a cake, bread, pizza or a stock of flambées pies for an evening, the thermostat 7 is ideal. You can even push to thermostat 8 and 9 for some recipes. If, on the other hand, you like cooking with a cast-iron casserole, slow cooking at low temperatures will be advised

  1. Homemade pizza : the perfect recipe, fast and delicious. Pizzas can be cooked from 200 °C and up to 240 °C or 250 °C.
  2. Bread : Baking bread is ideal in thermostat 7. Bread with corn, cereal, with special flours, with nuts or grapes… You have a choice!
  3. Flambées or flammenküche pies : with bacon, cream and onions, or even in exotic variations with grapes or sweet ingredients, treat yourself with this recipe.

For other recipe ideas, get closer to a cookbook publisher or recipe publisher, treasures await you for baking in the oven.

Thermostat and temperature matches

  • Thermostat 1, 2 and 3
  • Thermostat 4
  • Thermostat 5
  • Thermostat 6
  • Thermostat 7
  • Thermostat 8 and 9