Thermostat 6 degrees: equivalence

Wondering what is the equivalence of the 6-degree thermostat on your oven ? To follow your excellent recipes and be sure not to miss them, follow the guide! We review for you the essence of what you need to know about the thermostat 6.

How to convert a thermostat 6 to degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit?

It’s Sunday, you found THE recipe to do for your friends or family, but we only give you the power of the thermostat.

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A thermostat 6 corresponds to a temperature of 180 °C or 350 °F : you are reassured!

The tip: To quickly find out which temperature in degrees Celsius corresponds to your thermostat indication, simply multiply the thermostat value by 30. For reminder:

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  • Warm oven or very mild temperature: thermostat 1 (30°C or 85°F)
  • Soft oven or soft temperature: thermostat 2 to 4 (60°C to 120°C or 140°F to 250°F)
  • Medium oven or medium temperature: thermostat 5 and 6 (150°C and 180°C or 300°F and 350°F)
  • Hot or strong oven (high temperature): 7 thermostat (210°C or 410°F)
  • Very hot oven : 8 thermostat (240°C or 460°F)

Some recipes to thermostat 6 or 180° C/350°F

What if we were to go to the table? For your taste buds, here are some recipe ideas that we have in stock to feast in front of a series ormovie ! In thermostat 6, here is what you can cook:

  • A meat: roast pork with grapes , apples and Breton cider
  • A fish: fish fillets of your choice, with olive oil and herbs, and a side dish of your choice
  • In vegan mode: stuffed pastry, an unripable recipe
  • A salted pie: many salted pies are easily cooked at 180 °C. Opt for a leek-salmon pie, three cheeses, lorraine…
  • One dish: pumpkin crumble, raclette cheese and oatmeal
  • A sweet pie: rhubarb pie or a fine apple pie

To learn more about the thermostat and its equivalencies, or to have ideas for slow cooking recipes at low temperature feel free to check out our reference pages!

Do you want a recipe and a quick cooking? In thermostat 8, make homemade pizzas, for example! Recipe books from a specialized publisher can also help you make your choice.

And of course, do not forget that everyone can follow a recipe in the oven: men, women and children, as long as cookingremains a pleasure, even the family animation of the day!

Bon appetite!

Thermostat and temperature matches

  • Thermostat 1, 2 and 3
  • Thermostat 4
  • Thermostat 5
  • Thermostat 6
  • Thermostat 7
  • Thermostat 8 and 9