Thermostat 4 in degrees: equivalence

It’s time to embark on a great recipe for cooking on the Internet… You opt for a soft oven cooking (mild temperature, thermostat 2 to 4). But what can be the equivalent of a thermostat 4 in degrees Celsius? We review the temperatures for you: don’t miss any recipe thanks to our tips!

Soft oven baking: the equivalent of the thermostat 4 in degrees

The equivalent of a thermostat 4 is 120 degrees Celsius or 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The very simple trick, known to all cookers, to quickly convert a thermostat power to degrees Celsius: multiply unit by 30.

Thus, for a thermostat 4, multiplied by 30, we obtain 120 °C. For a thermostat 6, we obtain 180 °C, and so on. No more trouble converting temperatures and making succulent recipes. Take any original recipe (publisher of culinary books, internet, blogs…) and please the whole family! Men, women and children can participate in the kitchen with ease in your favorite room.

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Soft oven: soft temperature and 4 thermostat

First of all, be aware that we are also talking about warm oven, soft oven, medium oven, hot oven and very hot oven according to the recipes.

  • Warm oven = very mild temperature: thermostat 1
  • Soft oven = mild temperature: thermostat 2 to 4
  • Medium oven = average temperature: thermostat 5 and 6
  • Hot or strong oven = high temperature: thermostat 7
  • Very hot oven corresponds to a thermostat 8 or 9

Our recipes for thermostat 4 or soft oven

Do you want to surprise your friends instead of waiting for a delivery of pizzas? Here are some examples of recipes in the oven or in the stove, in slow cooking (mild temperature or soft oven at 120 degrees Celsius).

Slow cooking is suitable for so-called “less noble” or fatter pieces of meat, but can also be suitable for poultry and fish. Count up to 6 hours of cooking possible, for exceptional results and tender and juicy pieces as desired.

Beef ribs with apples : this is a recipe that will appreciate sweet cooking. Grasp the meat (preferably of local origin) in the pan and place it in the oven. Plant a thermometer in the thick part of the piece and wait 3 hours of cooking at 120°C.

Add pieces of apples, brasted with beer, honey, or balsamic vinegar according to your taste. 2 more hours in the oven and the heart of meat should indicate 90 °C at the end of cooking. All you have to do is serve with a celery puree presented and detached from the cutter, for example.

Roasted chicken with spices : when you have time and a small chicken in stock, getting into a sweet cooking is a treat. The day before, brush with olive oil, paprika type spices or even Ras-el-Hannout, affix a food film to allow to soak.

The next day, preheat the oven to 220 °C, add a delivery of small vegetables with some grapes and garlic, bake and lower immediately at thermostat 4 in a soft oven, or 120 °C. Cook 5 hours and enjoy with friends or family!

Thermostat and temperature matches

  • Thermostat 1, 2 and 3
  • Thermostat 4
  • Thermostat 5
  • Thermostat 6
  • Thermostat 7
  • Thermostat 8 et9