The secret of Japanese “Temari” balls

Originally from China, Temari is a real object of art in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Japanese use this traditional ball as a toy.

The origin of the temari

Temari was created by the Chinese before being introduced to Japan between the 15th and 16th centuries. At that time, mothers made these items in order to offer them to their children on the occasion of the New Year. Their design is carried out from silk remnants of old kimonos. The word Temari literally means “hand ball” and this is the source of an evolution of centuries-old ball game. The introduction of cotton in Japan in the 15th century contributed significantly to the creation of Temari in the Japanese community. Due to this, this toy becomes one of the most popular in Japan. As for its design, the patterns of the balls improved over time, because before they looked more modest with their traditional ornaments such as wave, clouds, flowers, etc. Now their decorations highlight visibly complex geometric figures. During your Japan tour, you can find out how to achieve this magic ball.

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How to make a temari?

The temari is considered a lucky object and is a particularly trendy game within the nobility. On this, its creation requires special attention. To make this ball, the Japanese chose silk from used kimonos. Moreover, they use the same techniques and materials as for making kimonos. The first step is the formation of pieces of silk rolled into a ball around a paper core. Then, before being covered with strips of fabric or decorative threads, these toys are sewn from suede skin. As for the motives of a temari, there are many creativities so that each toy is original. For this purpose, children can choose between traditional geometric or floral patterns. If your tour in Japan is held during the Japanese New Year celebration, then you will have the opportunity to find these art objects to make gifts to your loved ones.

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Why offer a temari to children?

The temari balls are living examples of traditional crafts from the archipelago of Japan. The locals offered them to their little ones as a gift for the New Year. In fact, they consider them lucky items. That is why, during its manufacture, it is possible to introduce between the wires a piece of paper on which a wish is inscribed. Over time, other temari balls complete the collection. These new models may contain a bell or rice grains. Obviously, a tour in Japan allows tourists to discover impressive things symbolizing Japanese culture.