The role of the rental management mandate

If you are a landlord and you want to have your property managed to a real estate agency, you will have to sign a rental management contractwith it. Whether the management is complete or partial, this drafted contract defines the obligations of both parties. We are talking about a contract between a principal (the owner) and an agent (the real estate agency). The contract also determines the duration and amount that the agent will collect.

Definition of a rental management mandate

The rental management mandate is to make a contract between a professional and a landlord. By making this contract, the agent is authorized to manage the property real estate of the principal.

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Concerning the duration of the contract, it is decided by mutual agreement . This period shall not exceed 30 years and may be tacitly renewed each year for a maximum of 10 years. The notice is 3 months except rare exceptions.

The contract is a written document of which each party has a copy signed by both parties.

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The benefits of making a rental management mandate

Of course, all this an owner can do it himself. One must think, however, of the fact that all these tasks require time and skills in the matter (here real estate).

Searching for a serious tenant is already a job in itself. Visits must be carried out and there are a lot of them. You must also be able to study each file and choose the tenant correctly. A real estate agent is trained for this job and will be much more effective. It is a saving of time and energy assured especially when we know the constraints that represent, for example, the management of a property in Paris.

The mission of the rental management mandate

role of this contract is to authorize the property manager to take over all or part of the management concerning the rental of the property. Management brings together technical, tax and legal tasks. This contract is essential and reflects the commitments of the principal and agent The .

The management mandate also notifies the extent to which the property manager is remunerated . The tariff is decided by both parties. It is important that as a lessor you be particularly vigilant on the clauses in the contract in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises such as fees additional to have to settle. Do not hesitate to inform yourself on this point so that the contract is drafted in due form. Professionals can help you in this step.

The management mandate also has the role of listing the obligations of each party. Thus, the agent must undertake to do the proper management of the property in accordance with the necessary conformities and to keep the principal informed of everything he undertakes.

The operations it can carry out relate to rent management, rent receipts, management of premises and notice of due dates. All these transactions must be included in a report to the lessor each month or every 3 months.

The latter must simply give his consent to the rental of his property according to the price of the immovementstock.