The preparation of competitions and exam with Aurlom

How to successfully pass your contest and exam preparation? Aurlom, a group created in 2006, is now entirely dedicated to the success of competitions through the preparation of exams and internships. Do you want to join a large post-graduate school? We make you discover the Prepa Aurlom.

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  • Preparation of competitions: Aurlom in a few words
    • A contest preparation in complete serenity
  • Aurlom: preparation of competitions and practical internships
  • Prepare your future without wasting time
  • A current and professional pedagogy

Preparation of competitions: Aurlom in a few words

The Prepa Aurlom was created in 2006 with the aim of offering students wishing to prepare the competitions of the universities a quality curriculum. The Prepa Aurlom is aimed at any high school student who has won his Bachelor’s degree and wishing to pursue studies in higher education.

In order to properly prepare the entrance competitions to the grandes écoles, Aurlom’s wish is to offer bachelors activities related to their future. Internships, contest prepa and exams and situations.

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Contest preparation in complete serenity

When you get your Bachelor’s degree, it’s hard to say what we’re going to do next. And yet, it is essential to anticipate. In order to gather all the skills necessary for a successful entry contest to a large school, the stage of preparation of the competition is crucial . And it is better to prepare your competition and internships so as not to run any risk.

Because a big school competition does not prepare lightly, it is important to join the right prep school. Aurlom is a solution like another of preparation for entry competitions in business school, engineering school, political science, management , etc.

Aurlom: preparation of competitions and practical internships

Aurlom offers prepa competition, but not only: intensive internships are also planned for all students wishing to get into an exam situation. The purpose: admission . Entrance competitions to the major schools of commerce and management are very selective and leave little margin. It is for this reason that a quality prepa is needed.

A good environment, a healthy and serene working environment. If the student already holds a Bac 3, Aurlom offers internships for parallel admissions: a bonus. These are sort of competitions gateway that provide access to other choices. Aurlom thus takes care of the preparation for the competition on all its aspects, including internships. Written, oral , language test (English), file synthesis, interview test, preparation via internships.

Forecasting your future without wasting time

The Aurlom Group enjoys an excellent reputation in France. It opens doors to many students by giving them all the keys to intensive preparation to successfully enter the grand school of their choice.

Because today it is necessary to ask the right questions at the right time in order to foresee its future, Aurlom welcomes students in a framework that promotes concentration and work. Aurlom plans to prepare for the entrance competitions to the Grandes Écoles, with the aim of winning eligibility and then admission.

A current and professional pedagogy

With mobilized pedagogical teams , efficient and seasoned teachers who are very well informed of what is actually expected by the jury, Aurlom gives students all the keys to succeed.

Aurlom is today a leader in the preparation of entrance competitions to the Grandes Écoles in France. Building on its experience since 2006 , the Institute has seen many successes that support the professionalism of the courses delivered by the teaching teams.

If you are interested in Aurlom for yourself or for your son or daughter, find out about the conditions for integration of Aurlom prepa, one of the best in the field of e-learning and digital, for all students wishing to succeed in their competitions and internships!

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