The name of elevator music: finally revealed!

We all ended up in an elevator one day, wondering what music was going on. A bit like in a waiting room, pre-recorded music (or “muzak”) are used to make you wait in music rather than in silence. But what are these elevators music? Admit that you are relieved: we finally reveal which tracks are the most used music as elevator music.

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  • Why put music in an elevator?
    • Elevator music and muzak: relax
  • The list of the most popular elevator music
    • The Canon of Pachelbel
    • “All dead, All dead”, by Queen
    • L’Ave Maria
    • “Cold Song”, by Klaus Nomi
    • “Elevator for Scaffold”, by Miles Davis
    • “Litany for the Whale”, by John Cage
    • “Rupak Tal”, by Ravi Shankar

Why put music in an elevator?

The experience of the elevator can be pleasant, harmless as traumatic for certain sensitivities. Yes, human beings are who they are and according to the moods, it is better to have a little elevator music to “soften morals ”. This proverb is very speaking. Music and muzak make it possible to fill, fill a void or silence that can be inconvenient between the people present in the elevator.

In the cramped space of the elevator, it is sometimes essential to have this little music that reminds us that it is only a short ride and that everything is going to be fine. Being confined in an elevator can be very badly experienced by claustrophobic people , among others. So it became necessary to put music in an elevator, just as in a mini market, a waiting room. Muzak has this peculiarity of not contonishing itself to elevators…

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Elevator music and muzak: relax

Promiscuity is best lived and music lightens the atmosphere of an elevator. Admit that sometimes the tension is palpable in this very small space. But what music do we put in elevators, in France for example? Do we only pass music by French singers or composers ?

You all waited for it, we review for you not the most popular album, but the most used and efficient elevator music for an elevator ride. Because muzak has its own inspirations, we make you rediscover it.

The list of most popular elevator music

Hold on, the muzak has its favorites that never go unnoticed. The muzak, or elevator music, is stubborn and will even travel as far as you go after your elevator ride. You may find yourself humming these music.

The Cannon of Pachelbel

Elevator music par excellence. The Pachelbel Canon has been known worldwide for decades. This music dating back to 1680 reveals a harmony conducive to the ride to be made in an elevator.

“ All Dead, All Dead,” by Queen

The piano beginning of this title is recognizable between a thousand. What if Freddie Mercury knew he would end up among the most used elevator music?

The Ave Maria

Regardless of its version, the Ave Maria fact is in the top 3 of the music of elevators appreciated. This music exudes good waves recognized in art therapy.

“ Cold Song”, by Klaus Nomi

The harpsichord makes it an ideal music to wait in an elevator or at the doctor…

“ Elevator for the Scaffold”, by Miles Davis

Elevator music is often classic. This music is a rather sweet jazz generic, which finds its place well in elevators.

“ Litany for the Whale,” by John Cage

This music could look like Orthodox religious songs. Ideal for an elevator!

“ Rupak Tal”, by Ravi Shankar

World music, hello! Better than an elevator trip, the trip to India… World music makes us think of something else in elevators.

In summary, elevator music rarely the music we expect and that are part of our favorite playlist , but they fulfill their role: distracting our attention. So, enjoy the muzak anyway and think about us in your elevator!