The Mao collar shirt: the essential comfortable and elegant shirt

Gentlemen, look no further, I found the perfect shirt! The shirt with a Mao collar is the perfect garment that will go well with chinos, dressed trousers or shorts. Because yes, this shirt is not the strictest and formal one that exists: so it is a place for the plurality of styles and ways of dressing!

For the short story, the Mao Pass is native to China and popularized by Mao Zedong (whose name it bears). But under its first-class air, the Mao collar shirt can be worn in the city, in the office, daily or in the evening, in a more casual way.

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The comfy shirt par excellence:

A shirt may not be obvious to wear. Sometimes rigid or too tight at the collar, good quality men’s shirts are not easy to find. The peculiarity of the Mao Pass is that it is composed of two sides with rounded corners that do not overlap. So it is worn slightly open, so you don’t feel too cramped, if it’s something that bothers you when wearing shirts.

Made entirely of linen or combed cotton, the Mao collar shirt is worn all year round regardless of the season. The materials that make up it most often are breathable and pleasant since they are 100% natural. The little plus of The Nines shirts: a reinforcing swallow (a small piece of fabric on the bottom sides of the shirt) that allows to bring more resistance to this garment.

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Not to mention the elegance of the Mao collar:

The Mao collar shirt is worn in a simple way and does not need any accessories (tie or bow tie) since the originality and style of the collar are ample enough.

This contemporary shirt will add a casual-chic touch to a casual outfit consisting of, for example, chinos or jeans and a pair of sneakers. But she will also find her place worn with suit trousers or a two-piece piece by elegantly breaking the sometimes too formal style of the ensemble.

“ Use without moderation” is probably what best defines this modern shirt. If you’re out of inspiration to choose a future Christmas gift or just like French elegance, head to The Nines website or in their 2 Parisian boutiques!