The job of a printer: all about training

The job of printing is one of those craft of paper printing that remain essential in our society. Whether for books, magazines, flyers, newspapers, business cards and advertising prints , the printer plays an important role in the printing chain. Want to become a printer? Make a good impression and go to training in printing!

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  • Printer: what missions in the printing industry?
  • The printing profession: multifaceted
    • Being a digital printer
  • Getting closer to the graphic arts and becoming
  • a printer Printers training: what curriculum?
    • Finding your school and training in printing
  • What is the salary for a printer?
  • Opportunities for evolution in the graphic industry
    • Personal projects next door
    • Gateways following training industrial printer
    • 3D printing, silkscreen printing
  • What is the price of good 3D printing?

Printer: what missions in the printing industry?

The printer is a printing professional responsible for carrying out missions to print many documents and on all kinds of media. The profession of printer has evolved since its appearance, thanks to theadvent of machines , digital and printing methods.

The handling of machines, including 3D printing, has opened up many possibilities in the way of understanding the profession of printer. The profession is thus booming thanks to the diversification of media and techniques printing.

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Today, the missions of a paper or multimedia printer are varied, due to the possibilities that the profession offers. In professional printing, printing includes a variety of disciplines and techniques. These may apply to the arts, crafts or industry sectors.

The job of a printer: multifaceted

Printing began with traditional printing processes such as engraving. These processes are still used in art and crafts. The job of printing has grown sharply thanks to job automation.

Known processes include screen printing and plate engraving, as well as linogravure and rhinalon engraving, which involve manual printing processes in small quantities.

Being a printer in the

Today, we rarely hear about traditional printing techniques in the printing industry. When we refer to the profession of printer, it is primarily to designate the field ofprinting with large printsdigital .

Publishing, advertising… Digital printing is not yet widely used for large-scale prints. Inkjet printing and laser printing are reserved for small prints, often for personal use.

Getting closer to graphic arts and becoming a printer

The job of printing involves a specific training related to graphic arts and the printing industry. Printer training allows you to learn basic printing techniques . You review the evolution of printing over the ages and you are informed of the latest processes.

Between rigour and care, the future printer learns to be efficient, fast while developing a keen sense of aesthetics. To be a printer, it is essential to master colorimetry and understand RGB, CMYK and all gray scales. Documents to be prepared for printing include a set of codes that are deciphered at a glance by printers.

Printing training: what curriculum?

By moving towards a BEP professions of communication and graphic industries , every student has access to the profession of printing, while acquiring a level of study V. This training is given as soon as the graduation of 3rd class. It is then possible to head to a professional printed production tray.

The Students also have the choice to go to a BM (Master’s degree) as an offsettist printer . This specialty is sharp and comes in parallel with the typographer option. The qualification obtained at the end of the year is Level IV.

In order to continue the curriculum and become a qualified printer, it is possible to continue on a BTS communication and graphic industries . The study and production option of printed products is recommended. For careers, the DMA (diploma of crafts) is possible, in graphic art and typography option. You can also choose the Master’s Certificate and consider acquiring a Level III qualification.

Find your school and training in printing

BTS are numerous in France and you will be spoilt for choice depending on your sector and your preferences geographical.

Choose in which city you want to study to become a printer but also the options you want to explore in the printing trades. Printing is not limited to advertising, books or paper newspapers . Tours, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Grenoble or Nancy welcome printing training courses.

What salary for a printer?

Any printer, whether young student or adult in professional conversion, will have to adapt to a minimum wage corresponding to the SMIC, as a first step.

With time and experience, a printer can quite see his salary up to 2500 euros (gross) monthly. The printer has very specific tasks in the graphic industry sector and the low wage is regretted, given its role essential. A printer knows how to drive machines and follow technical processes that require rigour and precision.

Post-training employment for a printer will depend on the local offer. This is why it is wise to stay mobile following your training as a printer, to adapt and find a job quickly.

Opportunities for evolution in the graphic industry

At the beginning of a career and before being a driver of machines for a printing house, a student can become assistant driver, then evolve and take responsibility.

An assistant driver of printing machines naturally becomes the operator of machines afterwards. He can also mentor a team and become a project manager . If the printer is primarily a technician, it can also evolve and follow certain passions for graphic arts.

Personal projects next door

Artistic projects, pad printing (art pad work), luxury or artistic publishing… The projects are numerous and everything will depend on the network that the printer will make, as well as his interests. It is quite possible to settle for the profession of an advertising printer or on cardboard.

The specificities of machines evolve rapidly over time and time: keeping abreast of the latest modernities and innovations in the graphic industry is essential.

Gateways following an industrial printer training

A printer can quite redirect himself to engraving and even art (wood, stone). These other sectors are less known when you want to become a printer but remain connected. Over the years and Evolution in the printing profession, you will make yourself a network and reputation, which can open doors for you.

3D printing, silkscreen printing

If you are a fan of 3D printing or silkscreen printing, be aware that T-shirt printing and 3D printing are activities that develop thanks to new techniques.

A 3D printer can be used to print small parts that are essential to the operation of machines or artifacts. To make these parts and thus serve (for example, this was seen with the momentum of solidarity to print visors during the coronavirus crisis), you need to train yourself in 3D printing.

These techniques have nothing to do with traditional large print printing machines but are quite exciting. Moreover, it is possible to self-train or Find specific training on these new and innovative printing techniques. The potential of modern printing techniques is high and opportunities should be seized. If you were passionate and rigorous in your job as a printer, then these missions should be right for you.

What is the price of a good 3D printing?

If you want to embark on 3D printing now, then you should consider all of the following features so as not to be mistaken and have a price that really fits your need:

  • the machine for 3D printing
  • the material used with the printer
  • the positioning of the object
  • the time it takes to produce the part
  • a file template

Indeed, to be able to have the most accurate quotation possible, it you need to give your provider some precise details. 3D printing service, choice of material, STL file…: if you want to start today, then you have every interest in getting closer to someone like a professional who knows his job perfectly.

Indeed, as soon as we go into quite sharp details in the field of 3D printing, we can then see that the definition of the price is very important but depends above all on the level of detail that you will be able to give to your provider. Unfortunately, it is very common for some people to decide to take this task lightly, in order to end up with a result that is not at all up to their expectations.