The Importance of Lip Seal

In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of new means of travel such as motorcycles. It is a machine that is characterized by its speed and the fact that it moves more easily than a car. Indeed, after the industrial revolution?; man clearly took advantage of this type machine. The latter provide considerable effort and give incredible results.

However, they are not infallible and require certain elements in order to have the effectiveness for which they are determined. Among these, there is the lip seal still called joint SPI (Industrial Development Company). It is very effective and often plays a very important role in industrial sealing.

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The characteristics of the lip seal

The lip seal was designed for the first time in Germany by the company SPI, where its name comes from. It has features that make it unique and easily recognizable. The latter consists of an outer part and an inner part.

The outer part is characterized by the fact that it is usually made of technical elastomer. This means that it is first made up of a case that is often held, glued or stabilized by a rubber coating of the outer ring.

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The inner part is easily recognized by the fact that it has lips that are machined for proper use. They are the ones who ensure the sealing of the ducts by tightening which must be properly carried out.

The need for a delicate and precise laying

A lip seal is an industrial seal that has as its peculiarity the fact that its installation must be done accurately. This is an important factor in preventing gas or liquid leakage. Indeed, when it is placed upside down, crooked or undergoes a slight deterioration, this may lead to accidents that can have negative consequences.

That is why it is very important to take into account properly. This requires the use of an industrial joint specialist for installation and regular monitoring and maintenance of this type of part.

Sound utility on a motorcycle

Lip seal is an indispensable part for this type of vehicle. In particular, it ensures the tightness between the tube and the sheath of the fork of motorcycles. Thus, the oil present on this part will not be able to escape in order to sink onto the tube. This is an essential element of the fact that it avoids malfunctions or accidents.