The different mountain ranges in France

What are the different mountain chains to know in France? Small topo on mountain ranges, their names, their specificities, their history as well as on the best way to retain them without mistake.

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  • the Alps Mountains of France:
  • the Jura Mountains
  • of France: the Massif Central
  • Mountains of France: the Pyrenees
  • Mountains of France: the Vosges
  • Mountains of France: the Corsica
  • The trick to hold the mountains of France

The mountains of France: breathtaking landscapes

The mountains, massifs, mountains and mountain ranges of France make up 30% of the territory . It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. In France, we are not caught off guard, with 5 massifs and landscapes all as splendid as each other.

The mountains of France are places of tourism and nature. The altitude and peaks attract visitors and lovers of mountain and hiking in the middle of nature. Ready to reconnect? We make the tour for you of the 5 massifs of France: all to your pencils!

Mountains of France: the Alps

The Alps are one of the most majestic mountain ranges in France. This mountain range divides France, Switzerland and Italy. These three countries therefore share a part of the Alps that belong to them.

The French Alps are above all a set of massifs, which spread over a fairly wide geographical area, in the south-east of France. The Mont Blanc is part of the Alps and rises to 4,807 metres above sea level . The Meadow Alps are as important as the Alps and constitute large granite domes, a pleated relief very recognizable with sharp bars and almost vertical walls.

The French Alps are divided between the Northern and Southern Alps . There are also known and sumptuous massifs as the Massifs du Vercors, Grande Chartreuse, Bauges, Chablais, Mont Ventouxou the Prealps of Digne and Nice.

The Northern and Southern High Alps do not have the same altitudes. Their formation took place on the remains of a marine pit. The sediment formed a sedimentary cover of rich hard and other soft rocks, which gave both the Prealps and the Alps.

Mountains of France: the Jura

The Jura is a mountain range that divides France and Switzerland. The Jura is located in the north of the Alps. La Jura is above all a mountain that is located in the east of France and whose highest point is the Crêt de la Neige, 1,718 metres away.

This mountain range consists of fragmented plateaus, folds and a crescent of 250 km from Alsace to the Alps. Erosion gradually continues to sculpt the Jura.

The Jura landscapes are recognizable, with its trays and limestone folds. The Jura formed in the Mesozoic when the peneplain was covered with sediment. The Jurassian relief emerged following the corrugation of the sedimentary cover . Some layers broke, giving very recognizable trays.

Mountains of France: the Massif Central

Le Massif central is a mountain range that is in Center/South-East France. One can easily remember its geographical location thanks to its name, quite simply.

The Central Massif is actually the residue of an eroded mountain massif. It consists of granitic rocks. In the Massif Central you can find limestone plateaus, the highest point of which is the famous Puy de Sancy, 1,886 metres away . This is a volcano.

The Massif Central is made of many varied landscapes, due to the geological history of the Massif. Volcanic reliefs, schist terrais, highlands, regions of crystalline and limestone rocks, majestic plateaus and a very rich flora.

Mountains of France: the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are a mountain range that divides France from Spain. Both countries have in common beautiful mountains and beautiful ski slopes!

The Pyrenees are home to Andorra and extend for about 430 km from east to west. The highest point of the Pyrenees is the peak of Aneto (3,404 m), which is located in Spain.

Today we are talking about Eastern Pyrenees, Pyrenees Western (or Atlantic Pyrenees) and Central Pyrenees. The mountains of the Pyrenees were formed following 2 large series of faults , with sliding of one zone and compression of another, with the effect of the folding and formation of the mountain range.

The Pyrenees are also a national park that houses more than 45,000 hectares and species all as exciting as the other.

Mountains of France: the Vosges

Finally, the Vosges are a mountain range that looks like a massif and divides Germany from France, north of the Jura. These mountains are superb and home to exceptional fauna and flora.

Make it the theater of hiking and ski descents! The Massif des Vosges is also called Les Vosges, and peaks at 1,424 m on the Grand Ballon . The Vosges are mountains that geographically isolate the plateau Lorraine of the plain of Alsace.

The entire block of the Vosges, before being what it is today, saw its sedimentary layer dismantle and form a long line of ridges , with peaks now covered with heath. The Vosges valleys are known for their narrow nature and for the diversity of fauna and flora that reign there, including vast coniferous forests.

Mountains of France: Corsica

Let us not forget Corsica and its mountains, its mountains, its rock plates and its magnificent landscapes. The highest point of the island of Corsica is Mount Cinto, with an altitude of 2,710 m . It is located in the north of the Corsican mountain range.

A great diversity of rocks can be seen in Corsica, with granite, shale and limestone. The mountain landscapes of Corsica make it an ideal tourist destination for hiking, climb, and at the same time enjoy the sea and the protected coastline.

The trick to retain the mountains of France

Mountains, mountains, rocks, Alps, Pyrenees, Jura, Vosges, Corsica, Massif Central… There is something to get lost between the names of the mountains and that of the massifs, between the names of volcanoes and that of the great plateaus… We give you a trick to remember the names of the mountains of France and mountainous massifs.

To remember that the Alps are a mountain range that divides Italy, France and Switzerland: the saying is “neckpe r France like a pizza with Swiss knife”.

To remember that the Jura is a mountain range that divides Switzerland and France: “Jurasuisse Park”

To remember that the Massif Central is a mountain range located in the south-east center: “center sud-e st” contains the two s of Ma ss if.

To remember that the Pyrenees are a mountain range that divides Spain and France: “Olé Pyrenees!

To remember that the Vosges are a mountain range that divides Germany and France: In the Vosg es, find the “g ” of Allemag” ne.

Each mountain in France has its specificities and deserves to be visited. Hike through the forests, on the plateaus and at the top of the mountains and ridges, to marvel at the beauties of the mountain of France par excellence: By mountains and by vaux, you can only be amazed at such varied and ancient landscapes.