Surface Laptop ou Surface Book ?

At Microsoft, there is a choice between Surface Laptop and Surface Book. Which one is better? Can we compare them? Technology is indeed at the service of professional mobility, but how to make its choice? For you, we weigh the pros and cons of Surface Laptop and Surface Book.

  • Microsoft

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    and all its assets

  • Surface Laptop and Surface Book: the test match
    • Surface Book performance
  • Surface Laptop: classic and powerful
    • Surface Laptop performance

Microsoft and all its assets

Microsoft announces promising products in terms of Hi-Tech. Surface Laptop and Surface Book are in line with the products that are the continuation of the success story of the American IT giant .

Design, performance, power supply, display, size screen, battery life, graphics card,… What are Microsoft’s Surface Laptop and Surface Book worth? After the arrival of Surface Pro and its many models released with ever more improvements, Microsoft has come a long way. The public is therefore eager to know the strengths and differences between Surface Laptop and Surface Book.

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Surface Laptop and Surface Book: The Test Match

If you can recognize something, it’s the unparalleled beauty of Surface Book design. The Surface Book comes out of the pack with a more streamlined design than ever, top finish and performance that won’t disappoint. A good competitor of the Mac Book, the Surface Book arrives and can even dethrone the latter.

Features : Surface Book is available in Intel Core I5 and Intel Core I7 version. Its graphics card is a GeForce 940M, excellent performance for graphic designers or architects very fond of such a graphic card. Surface Book primarily targets professionals who care about their mobility.

Surface Book Performance

Are you concerned? The Surface Book is for you. Surface Book’s battery life is exemplary: with its secondary battery embedded in the keyboard itself, the Surface Book gives you 9 hours of battery life with built-in Windows. All for just 1.4 kg. It’s agitating in small and medium-sized enterprises!

The expected bonus from the Surface Book ? Its detachable screen that impresses. With PixelSense technology, it becomes a tablet with 13.5 inch (diagonal) giant screen .

You all wonder, “But then why does Microsoft release a Surface Laptop? It’s not about looking for the error. We explain everything you need to know about Microsoft’s Surface Laptop.

Surface Laptop: classic and powerful

Microsoft wanted to stand out by pulling out the Surface Laptop. With a more classic product but surprising by its design, Microsoft addresses with the Surface Laptop to lovers of design and the object itself.

The Surface Laptop looks like a more classic laptop, and comes in four colors. With its luxurious keyboard and a waterproof layer of protection, the Surface Laptop can be found in Bordeaux, Platinum Silver, Cobalt Blue or Mineral Gold.

A few bug fixes later (compared to the Surface Book), and Surface Laptop is appearing. In terms of performance, we are on the same level. Microsoft wanted to use its ambitions to offer a high-performance product , certainly a little more conventional but having all the right technology at the rendezvous.

Surface Performance

Battery life, screen size in inches, Intel Core I5 or I7 processor, high-performance graphics… Surface Laptop will delight lovers of Hi-Tech technologyLaptop who want to have the latest Microsoft flagship product.

Enjoy a classy product with excellent evaluation , recognized display performance, excellent battery life and an ergonomic keyboard.

It remains to compare prices between Surface Book and Surface Laptop: prices change, don’t miss the oche.