Are you looking for a property in Paris or in the province, to then rent it? In the jargon of immo, one must find yourself there, between studette, studio, T1, maid’s room, apartment F1… Back on the main lines that characterize the classification of a dwelling.

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  • What is a studette?
    • The regulatory surface of a studette
  • The difference between studette, studio, T1, F1

What is a studette?

A studette is not an apartment (several main rooms). Just like the studio, it is a unique room that serves as a bedroom and a livingroom. As the name suggests, this is a studio, but smaller. The studette has a bathroom, separated by a partition, and the essential for living: a kitchen area and a sleeping area. Not all studs have kitchen corner or even toilet (on the landing). On the other hand, the surface area of any dwelling, to be legal, must be regulated .

Studette is a type of housing that is often found in large cities like Paris. Indeed, the study places are right in the center, the city must be able to welcome students without destroying the architectural heritage. Troubleshooting solutions sum la studette are developing to meet the demand, for a budget certainly high but more affordable than that of an apartment.

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Immo tip : ideal for students passing through Paris for the duration of their studies, the studette outages more than it represents a real place to live. Students return to their families at weekends to be more comfortable.

The regulatory surface of a studette

If you want to buy to rent, you must be aware of the proportions of housing. This applies to any property. You will be able to rent your studette without fear of breaking the law, while offering a decent immo property, for less rent than that of a multi-room apartment .

The minimum of a so-called “decent” dwelling is 9 m² (Article 4 of Decree No. 2002-120 of 30 January 2002). According to the law, the ceiling height should be greater than or equal to 2.20 meters. This means thatit is totally illegal to rent a room of 9 m² under slope , located for example in the attic: notice to donors located in Paris… Recourse to the law is possible if these conditions are not met at the time of renting an immo property.

The difference between studette, studio, T1, F1

For the search for your property, know how to make the difference between studette, studio, T1 or F1, because prices and information vary:

  • The studio is slightly larger than a studette and usually has a kitchen area and toilet.
  • The T1 is also an F1 . In France, T means Type, F means Form or Function. This is an apartment consisting of a single main room, plus a kitchen separated by a partition, and a shower room.
  • The maid’s room is a separate room within a bourgeois house, usually located under the attic, on the top floor.